Kerry’s Number One!

Drudge reports that the National Journal has ranked John Kerry’s 2003 Senate voting record as the most liberal of all, outdistancing Hillary Clinton and even Ted Kennedy:

The results of Senate vote ratings show that Kerry was the most liberal senator in 2003, with a composite liberal score of 96.5 — far ahead of such Democrat stalwarts as Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.
NATIONAL JOURNAL’s scores, which have been compiled each year since 1981, are based on lawmakers’ votes in three areas: economic policy, social policy, and foreign policy. “To be sure, Kerry’s ranking as the No. 1 Senate liberal in 2003 — and his earning of similar honors three times during his first term, from 1985 to 1990 — will probably have opposition researchers licking their chops,” NATIONAL JOURNAL reports.

For the fourth time in 19 years, Kerry’s record reflected the most radical agenda in the Senate, in this instance while he knew he would be running for President — and he calls George Bush extreme?

One thought on “Kerry’s Number One!”

  1. Gigolo John

    I got this from Captain’s Quarters and not Drudge. It would appear that Kerry is the leftist we all thought he was. But, I still think the Bush tactic of portraying him as a waffler and not just a Dukaka liberal will work best….

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