Alert The Media, And CQ Shutdown FAQ

I will join Duane Patterson on the Hugh Hewitt show tonight at 6:40 pm CT to discuss my move to Hot Air. Hugh’s on his Hugh Cruise, and Dean Barnett took suddenly ill, so Duane gets the center seat tonight.
In the meantime, I want to address a few of the most asked questions in comments and e-mails today.
Q. You’re going to change your style.
Not if Michelle and I both have our way. Michelle wants my voice at Hot Air, not for me to adopt someone else’s voice. I plan on writing in the same way that I have for the last four and a half years; I doubt I could write in any other fashion. I certainly wouldn’t want to. I wouldn’t have taken the job if I couldn’t write the way I like, and Michelle wouldn’t have offered it if I did.
The best I can do to alleviate those concerns is to tell people to keep reading me and keep me honest.
Q. What about your personal posts about the First Mate and Little Admiral?
I’ll be doing those at Hot Air as well. I’m also bringing the AOL Hot Seat Poll on those days when I write the question. I’m bringing the whole deal with me when I go to Hot Air. Well, except for the mess in my office, which the First Mate insists I jettison.
Q. Can’t we just cross-post to Captain’s Quarters?
As you might imagine, I would have loved to keep CapQ going. However, the idea here is to help build the Hot Air blog, and it makes sense to redirect the traffic from CapQ. I’ll keep the archives live permanently.
Q. I can’t read Hot Air at military facilities.
We need to ask the DoD about that one, don’t we? I’m sorry that will be a problem for some, because I know I have a lot of military readers. Hopefully it won’t always be a problem.
Q. What about BTR?
Please see this post. I’m sorry to leave; I think they’re terrific.
Q. Don’t you think blog consolidation is a problem?
Not really, no, not when it produces better results and stronger voices. If I didn’t think that would be the result of this move, I wouldn’t do it.
Q. The comment section at Hot Air is too restrictive.
As long as people don’t get personally abusive, I don’t think that anyone at HA has a problem with dissent. I’m hoping that all of CapQ’s commenters comes with me to Hot Air, so that we can continue to debate each other in a much wider pool of responders.
I’ll add more as issues come up. Many thanks to all who have sent or posted their congratulations.

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