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I’ve landed in Washington DC for the CPAC conference tomorrow. I’m not staying at the Omni Shoreham, where the conference is being held; I got my reservations too late to get a room there. I’m nearby, in a hotel where the accommodations can best be described as “prison chic”. The bed appears to be the Mahatma Gandhi model offered at finer hotels everywhere, but it’ll do. I don’t plan to spend much time here anyway.
The Internet show tomorrow will feature at least one interview, with Arkansas Governor and Presidential contender Mike Huckabee. Describing himself as the one true conservative in the race, and one of the few Republicans running with extensive executive experience in public office, Huckabee wants to re-enact 1992 when another Arkansas Governor came out of nowhere to win the nomination. I’ll also update listeners on the events at CPAC, and take your calls at 646-652-4889.