He Is Risen!

The First Mate and I wish all CQ readers a blessed and happy Easter. We hope that you all have the opportunity to spend it with friends and/or family, and that the blessings of our Lord, Jesus Christ, shower down upon you all. For those CQ readers who do not belong to the Christian faith, we hope that this day brings fellowship and rest.
Today, we are blessed to have the Admiral Emeritus and his wife with us, who are helping the FM to recover this week as I finish my last week at the present day job. All of us will spend time with my son’s in-laws, a wonderful family that has opened their arms to us every day we have known them, but especially on holidays, as our families are in California. We’re going to take it easy and make sure that the FM doesn’t overdo it, but we want to take advantage of the almost-miraculous recovery she has had since the kidney transplant nine days ago.
If you think about during your prayers today, offer some for the donor and his generous family. They are my greatest blessing this Easter.

11 thoughts on “He Is Risen!”

  1. I’m so glad the First Mate is recovering so well. That is Easter miracle enough for any family, and you are truly blessed.

  2. Thanks CE; fabulous new about the FM.
    I just spent our Easter break with my wife’s family on the beautiful island of Kauai. Truly blessed, we are. This was the last opportunity for this traditional family week together, as my oldest son will be in college next year and I’m moving my family some 1,200 miles away this June.
    Happy Easter to all….

  3. Have a happy Easter. And may you have at least one guest who will stay to help clean up.

  4. Skipper,
    You and th eFirst mate with all of your extended family are now and forever will be in my rosary prayers. Blessings of Easter be with you.

  5. I’m very glad that the transplant has been such a success and can only imagine how relieved and grateful you all must be. Happy Easter Captain.

  6. Happy Easter and thanks for all you do. I’m so glad to hear the First Mate is recovering well.
    Best wishes,

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