Iraqi Rosters In 2002 Show Interesting Department Names

The latest document release from the captured IIS files, this time with full translations, show some interesting behind-the-scenes nomenclature in the Iraqi government. For instance, Project Harmony document BIAP-2003-002728.pdf is a roster of night workers that got transmitted to the IIS Finance Department — and some of the assignments appear to indicate ongoing WMD programs in Iraq:

Names of branch night workers on 28/12/2002 to the Finance Department:
Missiles branch
1. Brigadeer General Sidaad Jasem
2. Amer Jaseb
Operation branch
1. Liieutenant Colonel Riad Fawzy
Biology dept.
1. ahmed Abid Al Hasan
2. Safaa Katai
Nuclear dept.
1. Natek Ibrahim
2. Mohammad Fawzy
Import dept.
1. Riad Abid Sadaa
Chemical dept.
1.Ahmed Mohammad Fakhry
Notary dept.
1. Moustafa Abid Alkader
2. Naser Abdulla
3. Safaa Abid Alatif
Machine dept.
1.Khaleel Kazem
2. Abas Majid
3. Ibrahim Ali
4. Asil Salem
5. Mohanad Moufak
6. Dyah
7. Ali Jasem
8. Amjed Hamid
9. Thaer Edan
10. Ali Abid Alhussein
operator dept.
1. Mahady Saleh
2. Kareem Majid
3. Abas Mahady
Labatory dept.
1. Kamal Mohammad
Photography dept.
1. Hasan Khamis
2. Ibrahim Ahmad
3. Jawad Kazem
4. Salah Mahady
5. Sanaa
6. Tomas Aziz
Chemical dept.
1. Marwan Abid Al Kader

Among the rather banal departments, such as Notary, Computer, and Communication, we also see Nuclear, Biology, and Chemical. Power Line notes the same issue in another memo detailing end-of-year bonuses. In these three categories, 30 people received bonuses. One has to wonder why they worked three shifts and paid bonuses for programs that people still insist did not exist.

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