Saddam And Anthrax Operations

In yet another document captured by the Coalition from the files of the IIS, we have yet another piece of evidence that Saddam Hussein continued his pursuit of WMD. In document BIAP-2003-004552.pdf, we have a short memorandum announcing a transfer to a biological weapons program:

For that, we order Dr. Hazem Anwar Alnasery, assigned to the Health Department Center, and Dr Mothny Abas, president of the Central Health Testing Department, to be members of the Anthrax Operation Room. This order will not cancel the previous order assigned to Dr. Mostafa Fathee, president of the Central Health Testing Department and president of the Health Research Institute. Thanks.
Zohir Saeed Abd Elsalam

The “Anthrax Operation Room” sounds pretty ominous. El-Salem wrote this memo in October 2002, so this is not a case of pre-Gulf War mischief. Abas got assigned to anthrax operations while Congress debated whether to authorize military force.
This poses an interesting question about the anthrax attacks in the US in 2001. Did the US find Abas and the Anthrax Operations Center’s products during the invasion? Or did Abas manage to escape the collapse of the Saddam regime, and still manage to stage anthrax attacks from wherever he established himself?
UPDATE: The anthrax attacks were in 2001, not 2003. Abas would not have worked at the Anthrax Operation Room at that time — but it was obviously in operation during that period. Did Saddam orchestrate those attacks?

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