‘The Iraqi Regime Has Transported The Chemical And Biological Weapons’

CQ reader Sapper sends along a new document from the captured files of the Saddam Hussein regime, one that had just been released on Friday, that has notations indicating where WMD stockpiles might be found. The information on the memo has not been translated but the notations themselves sound breathtaking:

Please see Iraqi map to locate Al-Rasheed area
on this page important information that the Iraqi regime has Transported the chemical and biological weapons to al-Rashad area, and pronounced a Military Prohibited area
this area is completely covered with trees & bushes

Has anyone at CENTCOM followed up on this memo, or have they even seen it in the deluge of material from which this came? Someone looked at this at some point, but not long enough to provide a translation, unlike some of the other documents from the release. It certainly looks important enough to pursue in greater detail.
In case the DoD website gets slow, I’ve also uploaded the document to my server here.