Defending the indefensible

Allen Barra defends Rush Limbaugh in his recent contretemps over Donovan McNabb. I think Barra is all wet on this one. McNabb may not have fulfilled his potential at Philadelphia, but he’s hardly to blame for being the leading rusher on a team that can’t run block or pass block worth a damn. Besides, the point isn’t whether McNabb is overrated; he probably was, but expectations have come down quite a bit for him. However, Limbaugh’s assertion that the media deliberately overrated him as a sort of affirmative action program is just too much to swallow. There is hardly a dearth of black quarterbacks in the NFL these days, and they don’t need the press to make them feel good about their performances.
ESPN made a mistake in hiring Limbaugh, and Limbaugh made a mistake in taking the job. Normally I respect Limbaugh’s intelligence even if I disagree with him, but in this case he was a fool. At least he seems to have wised up. I wonder how long it will be until Allen Barra does the same.

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