Blogswarm For Mark Kennedy

Congressman Mark Kennedy from Minnesota’s Sixth District has started campaigning in earnest for the open seat vacated by the retiring (or retreating) Senator Mark Dayton. This seat represents one of two good opportunities for the GOP to pick up a Democratic seat in the Senate for these midterms; Maryland’s Michael Steele also has a good shot at Paul Sarbane’s seat.
If the Republicans intend on staying in the majority next year, this seat has to be a key for the national party. We face some tough races around the country, and Mark faces a tough one here against Minneapolis DA Amy Klobuchar. Kennedy Vs The Machine has a link for contributions to the Kennedy campaign, and the Savage Republican has already done his part. I’m going there now to do mine.
If you want to protect the GOP majority in the Senate for the last two years of the Bush administration, Kennedy’s campaign is the front line of that effort. Dig deep. (via Hugh Hewitt)