Dafydd: The New Antisemitism

…Is Moslem Derangement Syndrome.
Do I mean the undenial derangement of some but not all Moslems, who murder the innocent to make some irrational point of religious bigotry? Oh, not this time. By Moslem Derangement Syndrome, I mean those Americans who advocate the murder of hundreds of thousands of Moslems, just to make an equally irrational point arising from their religious bigotry.
I explicitly refer to all those who propose, demand, and practically salivate over “nuking Mecca.”
I’m not talking about Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO). He never went that far. As far as he did go, he was still a dangerous fool; but just as Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) does not really believe that American guards at Guantanamo Bay are just like Nazi concentration-camp guards, Stalinist gulag torturers, and Khmer Rouge butchers — he was just stretching for a ridiculous (but dangerous) intensifier — neither does Tancredo really support the idea of incinerating 350,000 people and setting a match to the quick-burning fuse of world wide holocaust by “bombing Mecca” in response to a nuclear terrorist attack.
Tancredo was simply speculating irresponsibly, firing off the mouth before the brain was in gear, and giving terrorist mouthpieces around the world more supposed “evidence” that America is on a “crusade” against Islam. So I’m not talking about old Tom.
I am talking about you, sitting right there at your desk at work or home reading these words. Moslem Derangement Syndrome applies to anyone who sees the war on terrorism through an increasingly apocalyptic filter, where every attack, every statement, and eventually every turbin on TV becomes more evidence of Armageddon, Ragnarok, the final battle between Good and Evil.
This is a deadly metaphor. If this really is Armageddon, the Final Trump, the armies of righteousness versus the demons of darkness, then anything goes. Everybody is a target. There is no distinction between combatant and civilian, between terrorist and believer, or even between enemy Moslem and allied Moslem; the world becomes one monstrous “war of all against all,” in which there not only are no neutrals, there are no innocents.
That some folks look forward to such a horrific conflagration with ill-disguised glee is no testament to the civilizing nature of Western society.
This new avatar of antisemitism is no different than the old: Jew hatred began as the hatred of a religion; but in the 20th century, it overtly became what it covertly was all along… a kind of racism, hatred based upon the blood. And although those who suffer from MDS insist they hate all Moslems democratically, not just Arabs, their specific examples never stray far from the Semitic genotype: I’ve heard “nuke Damascus” and even “nuke Teheran” (Middle-East Persians surrounded by Arabs), but never Jakarta, Islamabad, or Khartoum. The unmistakable whiff of race permeates MDS.
And there is little lower than that. The only way MDS victims could fall off that floor would be to retreat into the final barbarity of tribalism, where they could join their terrorist neighbors in an orgy of blood against the subhumans of that other tribe in the next valley over.
But I do have an obligation to say what I’m for, not just what I’m against. What do I suggest we do if terrorists plant a dirty bomb under Los Angeles, Denver, or New Orleans? Or worse, how should we repond to a “suitcase nuke” (the favorite shibboleth of MDS these days, as if you can by one off the shelf at the local Samsonite outlet) exploded somewhere on the mainland?
Here’s a revelation: how about identifying who did it, and which country aided and abetted them — and then expunging those people and that regime?
Rather than strike with eyes wide shut at all 1.3 billion Moslems in the world — how to win friends and influence people! — let us strike with open eyes at the actual ghouls themselves, the true enemies of civilization and humanity: the Ba’athists in Syria, the mullahs in Iran, the werewolves who rule from Pyongyang. Let us announce our plan: we strike any country that actually had a hand in the attack, along with every international terrorist group in the world, whether or not it was specifically involved: every Wahhabist terror cell, every spinoff from Hezbollah, every al-Qaeda affilliate. Even the IRA. Every militant group that does not disarm and sue for peace.
I think better of the American people than do those who swim deep in the currents of Moslem Derangement Syndrome. Real Americans truly, deeply, madly believe in American exceptionalism and the basic righteousness of our individual values. They will never demand that we kill innocents to punish them for looking like our enemies.
Everyone who dares is unAmerican, and I’ll have no truck with him.

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