What are the causes of terrorism? Many would have them as poverty, a lack of education, and little exposure to Western values. It’s rather interesting, then, that two of the five terror suspects rounded up by the UK in the wake of three mostly failed attacks are doctors working in their National Health System:

Two of the five terror suspects being held in the wake of the failed car bombings in London and Glasgow are hospital doctors working in the UK.
The majority of the five terror suspects being held in police custody in connection with bomb attacks in London and Glasgow are not British and at least one is still at large, according to Sky sources.
Sky sources believe one of the men arrested at Glasgow airport and a 26-year-old man arrested on the M6 with a 27-year-old woman in Cheshire are both doctors.
Sky Crime Reporter Martin Brunt said: “This is very far removed from the picture we normally have. These are professional people with highly paid jobs who are intent on killing people.”

The British may want to check on their work in the hospital system, too. It seems like terrorists who really wanted to frighten Brits would have a field day by killing patients with just enough plausibility towards seeming like natural deaths. It certainly will give patients a new reason to feel uncomfortable about going to hospital.
I wonder what Michael Moore would make of this?

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  1. They’re Doctors? A bunch of pissed off rich brats! This can’t possibly be true! We all know that Marxist analysis proves that economics drives all human behavior and nothing else matters. These people must therefore somehow be alienated by the capitalists oppressing them and trapping them in a web of poverty and impotence. Or….um….well?
    Ok, I know! They were acting in heroic solidarity with their brothers of the oppressed masses throughout the Middle East whose resources are being stolen by the capitalist pigs of the West. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  2. Well, let’s see. There was Dr. Harold Shipman who was convicted of killing 15 of his NHS patients. Review of his practice indicates the real number (if memory serves) may be over three hundred.
    Who would notice terrorists in that environment?

  3. When the Brits finally decide to halt all muslim immigration into their country, we can be sure they’re finally dealing realistically with their situation.
    Until then, the official government policy will be to inflict upon native Brits the tension, insecurity and fatalities that accompanies admitting a foreign and toxic element into their society.
    What a price to pay for being able to claim ‘tolerance’ toward the intolerable.
    And we should beat them to the punch.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if it were just about poverty? Then it would all make sense and we would all know what to do.
    Well, it’s not about poverty, then it’s about Iraq, it’s not about Iraq then it’s about Afghanistan, if it’s not about Afghanistan, then it’s about Palestine, if it’s not about Palestine, then it’s about Serbia, on and on all the way back to the loss of Andalucia.
    We will run out of explanations before they run out of grievances. And from everything I’ve ever read in the Islamic terrorists’ own words, poverty isn’t all that high on their list of complaints anyway.

  5. Obviously these doctors, having been employed (and underpaid) by the overextended NHS, are victims of workplace stress and need, oh, a year or two off with pay to recover.

  6. Ayman al-Zawahiri also had medical degree (from Cairo University,) and Mohamed Atta received a degree in architecture (from Cairo University) before he went to Hamburg, for a degree in urban planning that he finished in 1999. And Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, actually has a Ph.D. in transportation engineering and planning from the Iran Science and Technology University. It’s not like these people didn’t have other choices in life.
    Al-Qaeda, and some of the other jihadist groups, seem a bit like a repeat of Early 20th-century Marxist history, where the ideological leaders were fairly worldly, well-read, and well-educated, but most of their loyal followers are nothing of the sort.

  7. Know your enemy

    You can tell who your enemy is by the way it treats the innocents caught in the middle.  This is the enemy in Iraq (warning, graphic), the enemy that is taking its war to England, and the enemy that would like to bring the war home to us.  The anti-W…

  8. Hippocratic Oath Indeed…

    A little late to the fray, but GET THIS:
    Two Terror Suspects Are Hospital Doctors
    Two of the five terror suspects being held in the wake of the failed car bombings in London and Glasgow are hospital doctors working in the UK. …”

  9. “Brits would have a field day by killing patients with just enough plausibility towards seeming like natural deaths. It certainly will give patients a new reason to feel uncomfortable about going to hospital.”
    Thats a really scarey thought.

  10. wouldn’t it be counter productive for a terrorist’s kills to look natural?
    I mean, their whole purpose is to scare people into thinking that someone is going to kill them… why make it look natural?

  11. Most people with free or cheap health care plans, never even get to see the same doctor, twice.
    That doctors would be recruited? Nope. Not very surprised. But why would the terrorists waste them so foolishly? Did they run out of their usual bag of convenient dopes?
    Or are they now so “high tech” that they need “sophisticates” at the barbecue?
    One thing about the terrorists plans; is that they do expect to see publicity. That’s the purpose!
    So, IF they sent in doctors, they had to be “something” they thought they’d gain.
    It looks silly now.
    But would it have been as silly had these idiots been successful?
    I’m still amazed, when I see photos on the Net, showing the blazing terrorist, and the guy so up close, that he could spray extinguisher foam on him. While the fire in the auto roared.
    Now, I’m not sure that the toasty terrorist is the one they’re claiming is the doc. Or if it was the driver. (Toasty was the passenger, I think.)
    In any event, not only was this dude drenched in fuel. And, not only was the car ablaze. This maroon thought he could open the back trunk. As if locks didn’t smolder shut. What was he using? A key? He still hasn’t met “challah.” So he’s in intense pain, if he’s conscious. And, since his brains weren’t cooked, why not?
    This was supposed to be the start of a BIG BANG for the Saud’s. Well, if you didn’t know, it’s THEIR MONEY! And, it wasn’t cheap. You’d be surprised what more rational people could do with the quantities of money they’ve sunk into their “building terror through religion” network.
    Oh, those that think I razz the Saud’s too much? You have no idea what other arabs think of them. It’s not as if among the muzzies the Saud’s are loved, ya know?
    Anyway, for what it’s worth; the “planners” through the doctors into this because they wanted to control the news. AFTER the operation was a success.
    The old media can’t even find its pants. You want them to find clues?

  12. …..and we are killing them by the bucketfull in Iraq.
    We must stay in and finish the job in spite of the casualties. If this country had any sense we’d send another 50,000 troops and finish the job.
    In any case, this is about Islam, pure and simple. This is religious insanity at it’s textbook worst.
    Forget economics, forget politics…it’s religion.

  13. If the Brits want to quickly and easily round up masses of jihadists, all they need to do is round up the entire staff of the BBC. Even the ones whose names are NOT Mohammad are actively engaged in electronic jihad, supporting their little terrorist buddies any way they can, and trying to sell British soldiers down the river.
    Of course, when British sailors give themselves up to Iranian thugs not with a bang but with a whimper, it does make it ever so much easier for BBC to wage their jihad.

  14. Terrorists and revolutionaires have always come from the privileged class. Most of the members of the Baader-Meinhof were upperclass; Castro was a Phd candidate and Che Guevara was a doctor. Arafat was a civil engineer. Lenin was a lawyer. Mao was a professional student from a prosperous family. Many of our Founding Fathers were lawyers and doctors. Robespierre was a lawyer.

  15. I wonder what Michael Moore would make of this?
    Chimpie McBushHitler made them do it.

  16. Lew: I wonder if any of these guys have just come back from a holiday in Pakistan.
    Cindy: The Brits can no longer halt immigration to the UK. Immigration policy is now controlled by the EU.
    swabjockey05: Sicko is released and now this. Is there a connection?

  17. little exposure to Western values
    I dont think “too little” is part of the problem – the problem is too much exposure to western values. They watch CNN too and they see the all Paris Hilton all the time news. Our obsession with no-account celebrities is not helping us.

  18. Global warming and high CO2 levels made them do it. Buy your credits from Algore.

  19. I’ve got to agree with Hugh Beaumont. For some reason, we are not fighting this war to win. Our guys are going in with their hands tied with the six-point return fire policy – in other words, six points devised by lawyers have to be satisfied before our guys can return fire.
    If our guys are not allowed to kill’em on the battlefield in Iraq and Afganistan, then we all are going to be trying to kill them here. That’s going to be a little harder.
    And yes, Hugh, this is about religion pure and simple.

  20. Cap’n Ed wrote:
    What are the causes of terrorism? Many would have them as poverty, a lack of education, and little exposure to Western values.
    This is a real problem. So many people in our government, intelligence agencies, and populace have a Cold War / Marxian view that poverty is the sole cause of bad behavior. This applies to terrorists as well as more “common” criminals. While there are doubtless many people who turn to crime or jihad due to their economic situation, I think that most are driven purely by ideology. Think about the average American liberal: most are well-to-do but nevertheless intent on destroying the very system that gives them success. Terrorists are not much different.

  21. Why the surprise, Ed? I know you don’t believe that for a second, you know what Islamists are truly about. Not a whole lot of Americans know the true nature of the enemy, even six years into this war.
    Now the Moonbats: THEY believe this is a Marxian class struggle, because they believe everything is a Marxian class struggle. Admitting the truth, that Islamists believe Islam is the only true religion and the rest of the world must submit to it, doesn’t help the Moonbats at all.
    The purely secular reasoning behind all this is because the purely secular Moonbats can’t fathom anything else. It *must* be class warfare, because religion doesn’t make sense to a Moonbat. People don’t do things because God or Yahweh or Allah told them to do it! That’s silly!
    Just as silly as well-educated British doctors being suspects in car bombings. Just as silly as entire communities of well-educated British Muslims refusing to condemn these attacks. Surely there’s an economic reason behind all of this, it’s not like Islam is being used as justification for genocide around the world or anything.

  22. I don’t believe this is about religion or poverty. I believe this is about culture and humiliation. Arabs (and Persions) are very sensitive to humiliation from a cultural perspective. Oil-funded terrorism gets them attention and makes people afraid, which relieves their feelings of impotence. Those feelings are warranted as Arabs have been unable to win a fight with anyone except other Arabs since the Crusades. They are quite willing to wait things out though.

  23. “So incompetent as to be almost laughable.” That’s how former Scotland Yard detective John O’Connor described the botched UK bombings this morning on CNN. He also noted that it’s probably wrong to refer to these guys as ‘al Qaeda’.
    Thank God we have a 160,000 troops in Iraq so that we don’t have to fight them in Bumf*ck, Idaho.

  24. Given the rapidly increasing number of Muslim doctors, nurses and medical technicians in the US, this scares the crap out of me.

  25. What would Michael Moore make of your specious fantasy? Not much, I’m afraid. You see, like the other grown ups, Mr. Moore follows the facts where they lead him. I understand that you regard your daydreaming as somehow equivalent to real information. I just don’t know why.
    You’re not the only one, of course. Other mockingbirds have posited the Interstate highway system, the cable television system, the telephone system and its satellites, airports, hospitals, shipyards, water, food, air, and Mt Rushmore as scary, possible targets for terrorist attack. Not that we’ve been hit anywhere since 9oneone.
    They don’t have to hit us now, of course. Squeaky old ladies like you stir up quite enough baseless panic. Once you shut up, someone might provide further basis for your girlish hysteria. But, really, why should they bother to stir up terror so long as you are so excited to do it for them?
    Oh, and that other really stupid thing you do? Providing both sides of your imaginary argument with “liberals?” Is that because you can’t follow what we actually say? Is it just too hard for you? Honestly, you only have to show a little curiosity, instead of those overworked buttocks. Any one of us will be happy to break it down for you.

  26. I don’t think I have ever met a doctor who was 26 or 27. Kind of makes me think that there is something missing from this story.

  27. What would Michael Moore make of your specious fantasy? Not much, I’m afraid. You see, like the other grown ups, Mr. Moore follows the facts where they lead him.
    Oh please!
    Every single one of Moore’s films have been riddled with factual inaccuracies; manipulations as to time and proximity of events; and events set up by Moore.

  28. Ah, yes, the grown-up Michael Moore, who is so mature he crams himself with donuts, candy, cupcakes, and ice cream, and who trumpeted his pacificism even as he owned stock in weapons manufacturers such as General Electric, Honeywell, Boeing, and Loral.
    And Halliburton.
    If by “grown up” you mean “breathtakingly dishonest and hypocritical,” then I agree.

  29. An interesting, if rather nauseating assortment of ad hom and anti-muslim comments above. Very predictable and desirable reactions from a psyop point of view, I’m sure.
    However, all of the many Muslim physicians/psychiatrists with whom I work in my community are, in each any every case, decent, hard working and often very charitable professionals (more so than many of their ‘Christian’ counterparts) who strive very hard to help all members of this primarily Christian fundamentalist southern Bible-belt community.
    All of you who buy into the government’s ‘islamofascist’ propaganda ought to remember what country (and culture) is primarily responsible for million or so deaths of mothers, children and fathers in the Middle East. All for that country’s misguided quest for control of energy and global hegemony. Oh, forgive me, I forgot to include that country’s plutocrats’ equally important desire to fill the coffers of the military-industrial-media and oil corporations. All at your expense, dear tax-paying rubes.

  30. dr. rdw, rock on dude.
    Odd thing this inability or unwillingness to understand one’s enemy.
    They seem to atrribute to the nonsensical motives such as “they hate us for our freedoms” ect.
    One could almost forget that the 1st hospital that actually treated people with the objective of making them well again was a moslem invention.
    Prior to this the hospital was a place one came to die.

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