2003 Weblog Awards at Wizbang

Wizbang has announced the nomination process for the 2003 Weblog Awards, which I found via Power Line this morning. Wizbang has done a nice job in setting up categories and processing nominations. Take a look and add those blogs you think deserve some recognition.
In my case, I’ve nominated Power Line for both Best Overall Blog and Best Group Blog. Not only does Power Line consistently deliver thoughtful and timely commentary (even on rare occasions where I disagree), but they also maintain a unified voice, which is difficult to do when group blogging. Also, for complete disclosure, Power Line has linked to CQ on a number of occasions, even if I have been a bit of an e-mail pest from time to time, and have been very encouraging to me as I’ve started blogging.
I also took the initiative to nominate myself in the Best New Blog category. I don’t know who started when, so I can’t say if I deserve even the nomination, but what the heck. When the nominations are closed, I will post my votes for the categories, and we can debate all we want at that point. I’m hoping to use the nomination process as a means of discovering some really good blogs that may have escaped my notice so far.
Please also note that I’m adding Wizbang to the blogroll; it’s an excellent blog, and volunteering for this duty (especially after all the shenanigans at the TTLB Ecosystem) shows a great commitment to the blogosphere.
UPDATE: I corrected my brain fade and actually linked to the nominations post at Wizbang. Durrrrrrr …