CQ, CPAC, And The Importance Of … Advertising

Earlier today, I accepted an offer from the organizers of the 2007 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) next month in Washington DC. I’ll be one of the bloggers covering the event from Blogger Alley, similar to what I did at the Republican National Convention in 2004. I’ve not been able to attend CPAC before, and it seems more critical than ever to get involved after the midterm losses and the weakening of resolve on the war.
Even with all of that, I put off the decision for a couple of weeks until we got a clearer picture of the First Mate’s prognosis. It turns out that the nephrectomy was successful in eliminating the BK virus from her system. She’s had at least one blood test come back completely negative, which means she can now have a transplant. At the same time, her donor — a very generous friend of ours — just got done with his tests, and is approved for the operation. We’ll be ready for it towards the end of March. It’s great news, and we’re all very excited about it.
Earlier today, I made a few arrangements. The first was to get the travel and lodging arranged for the convention, and the second was to add a little more advertising here at CQ to increase the revenue stream. For the first time, I added a popunder ad from my sponsoring agency, a move I have resisted for over a year. However, it has been money left on the table, so to speak, and more sponsors are insisting on popunders for their campaigns.
I hope CQ readers will take the time to support the advertisers that support this blog. Click through when you get the chance. It’s much appreciated.