Mitch Berg’s 2003 Wrapup

No, thank Goodness, Mitch doesn’t go the Bill McAuliffe route and wax poetic in his EOY post, but instead Mitch focuses on what didn’t happen, contrary to all predictions from the left:

The Battle of Baghdad didn’t turn into Stalingrad.
Lack of UN support didn’t render the liberation untenable.
Hussein didn’t nuke or gas Israel when he was up against the wall (hee hee. Remember when that was the left’s big bleat?)
Tens of thousands of Iraqis did not die.

Mitch also was kind enough to add me to his blogroll and he recommends to the Northen Alliance that we look at Jay Reding. Jay posted a thoughtul piece yesterday as to why he thinks Dean is unstoppable, despite his tendency to be his own worst enemy:

My guess that Dean has the nomination is based on my own experiences as a political footsoldier. As a former Republican campaign strategist told me, “a campaign is only as good as the quality and number of its activists”. Say what you will about Dean, he has the best ground game of anyone, and he’s been building that base for months – long before any of the other candidates.

Read the whole thing. I’m taking Mitch’s advice and adding Jay to the Northern Fleet.