Stupid Blog Tricks (Updates & News)

First things first — I will be rearranging my work schedule for the next two weeks in order to free up my days to get the First Mate back and forth to the hospital for some treatments. I’ll be working swing shifts, which may mean a bit less blogging, although I had curtailed some of the nighttime blogging of late anyway. The FM has experienced some temporary reduction in kidney function, and the doctors want to have her in for outpatient treatment for several days. We started it today, and we’ll go every other weekday for the next week or so. At any rate, I’ll still be blogging, but the number of posts might be a bit lower while I work swing shift.
In a more enjoyable development, the Washington Post jumped on the blogging bandwagon by taking nominations for a blog contest. INDC Journal has directed his readers to go there and nominate his excellent blog in as many categories as possible. But hey, there are plenty of categories, so why not nominate Captain’s Quarters, too? Just put the URL of your favorites in the form fields and submit the form. You may want to nominate guys like Hugh Hewitt and Power Line and others on my blogroll, too. (Fraters would be custom-made for Class Clown, for instance.) I’ve added the WaPo Best Blogs graphic to the left sidebar.
On the RNC fund-raising front, I am happy and grateful for your generous donations! So far you’ve raised about 20% of the cost of accommodations (plane plus hotel), and it keeps coming in. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I’ve been credentialed as a blogger for the Republican convention, and I’m asking for donations in order to fund the trip. You can donate through PayPal, or through Amazon, which doesn’t require donors to set up an account in order give money. The clickable buttons are also on the left sidebar, and I certainly appreciate any donations, no matter the amount. Another way to donate is to buy a Blogad on the right sidebar. Today, the John Kline campaign bought a one-week ad and told me to make sure I buy myself a drink on them — which I will gladly do!