Ups And Downs

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We’re about to go on air, but I’ve been following the NFL draft. Question: Why have Cleveland, Minnesota, and Miami all passed on Brady Quinn?
UPDATE: Michael Ledeen will be on the NARN at 1:30 pm CT to talk about George Tenet’s book and his appearance in it. Don’t miss this!
UPDATE II: Cleveland traded up for Dallas’ first round pick to get Brady Quinn at #22. KC might have been interested in Quinn at #23. It’s a good move for Cleveland, who gets away with its odd choice earlier in the first round.

9 thoughts on “Ups And Downs”

  1. You heard it here first:
    “With the 2nd pick of the 2nd round, the Detroit Lions select Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame”
    Not necessarily who I want the Lions to take (Give me Defense and Offensive Linemen all day), but at that spot you can’t pass up the value.

  2. Answer – He is no good. They played 3 good teams and lost to all 3. They played a very mediocre (6-6) UCLA and needed the help of the refs to pull the game out in the last 3 min. IF SC had not played 2nd and 3rd stringers the 4th qtr (allowing ND to score while holding SC scoreless) the game would have been as one sided as the LSU game.
    Brady is good looking but not a good QB. His #’s startd falling after the UCLA game and crashed after USC.

  3. Try being a USC grad living 15 miles from the ND campus and listening to the hype. He’s good, but over rated. Thank goodness my work keeps me in the South, where showing your college loyalty only means slashed tires and an occasional beating.

  4. Nope. I’m not here to talk about football.
    I’m here to talk about my own radio listening habits. Which are limited to Drudge. Once a week. Sunday nights. And, how easy it is to tune in.
    In other words, if you’re looking for radio customers, you have to ask around, and draw out of people, what makes them “shop radio.”
    That’s why I’m commenting on this subject. For what it’s worth:
    There’s gotta be a better way to introduce “radio.”
    Drudge? He’s heard in all 50 states. T’marra nite, he’ll run the headline on his BLOG. Which I visit even more often than coming here, to this site.
    And, I tune him in like clockwork. Sunday nights. Starting at 7:00 pm MY Time. 640. On the AM dial. It’s a cinch.
    I’ve also discovered that the Internet provides U-TUBE. Yesterday? I found out and BOOKMARKED Jackie Mason. Now, he’s not just a comedian. He’s a rabbi. And, Lawrence Simon provided the link.
    Jackie Mason BLOGS to U-TUBE.
    I like U-TUBE. Just following links. Leads me to see repeats of stuff that show up on our news programs. What makes me link? I link to stuff that’s funny.
    Even though I don’t really do anything “technical.”
    And, I go to what? 4 sites a day, guaranteed!
    And, then it varies. Food sites. Lileks. And, new discoveries.
    The radio hasn’t made me go beyond Drudge.
    But that’s beause hearing you ain’t easy.
    Why hasn’t radio done an Insta-Pundit? Where you go to see what’s good to link to?
    Heck, Glenn Reynolds links to stuff I can buy at Amazon.
    And, yet, the radio isn’t providing links. How come?
    If you want customers, you’ve got to improvise.
    Why bother? Well, I’m not the only one out there, whose fascinated by what I find each day. And, this is just a suggestion. Make it as easy to locate YOUR sound, as Glenn Reynolds makes it easy to follow a link. Seems like a sound business model to me. But don’t ask me how to do it. Because I’m not gifted with that.

  5. Ed, I don’t know how to address you via email and this comment is off topic, but about one huge lie that Harry Reid has promoted.
    Recently, Harry Reid stated publically that he had tried 100 jury trials. In the Congressional Record Page S1575, February 12, 1999 [] Reid stated: “before I came to the national legislature 17 years ago, I was a trial lawyer. At various times, I prosecuted and defended people charged with crimes. Lon before that, I served as a police officer. I never argued a case in the U.S. Supreme Court, but I tried more than 100 jury trials, hundreds of other cases before various courts, and argued before different appellate courts……”
    Harry Reid’s official biography in the Biographic Directory of the United States Congress [http://bioguide.congress.gove/ tells an entirely different story. He graduated from law school in 1964, was a member of the United States Capitol Police force 1961 to 1964, became city attorney in Hendersen, NV from 1964-1966, member of the Nevada State Assembly 1969 – 1970, then lieutenant Governor 1970-1974, and so on the public payroll.
    With this biography, there is no way he could have tried 100 jury trials or 100s of court trials. No law firm affiliation, no affiliation as a proscecutor.
    Now, how do I know he is lying – because my legal career was started at the very same time as Harry Reid, in 1964. I practiced law for 38 years and did not spend any time as a capital policeman, assembly man, lt. gov ., gaming commission, congressman, and senator. Over the 38 years before my retirement, I tried 45 jury trials and 100 court trials. Just when did Reid try these cases and for whom?
    Hopefully, the above can at least get out on the blogsphere – Reid is a total embarrasment to our state of Nevada.

  6. If Ted Ginn Jr. in not next Devin Hester and Quinn is not the next Cade McNown, Miami is not going to look back on this draft fondly.

  7. An odd choice? The best lineman in the draft will get them more wins over the next 8 years than any of teh QBs. Arguably, only Calvin Johnson was a better overall player.
    Oh, and if you think I am a Browns 2.0 fan, thik again. I am a Ravens fan. I just get annoyed that people so devalue OL.
    Arguably the two best choices last year were Marcus McNeil (think LT appreciates him?) and D’Brickashaw Ferguson (sp? and I know Chad Pennington appreciates him).

  8. The Browns took Thomas over Quinn because their offensive line is terrible and is largely responsible for their offensive woes since their 1999 reincarnation. They haven’t spent a high round pick on a tackle since 1979. Their fans are sophisticated and are aware of the offensive line issues and would have revolted if anyone other than Thomas was taken, me included. That said, Quinn at 22 is a good deal.

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