November 1, 2003

Bam-Bam Lives

In a unique and, shall we say, fantastic defense, a father on trial for the beating death of his infant daughter claims that the real cuplrit is his 2-year-old son:

A jealous 2-year-old battered his infant sister so badly that it left her vulnerable to death when her father tripped in their St. Paul apartment and dropped her last November, Said Moussa Gouleed's lawyer said Friday, the first day of Gouleed's murder trial.

Six-week-old Faduma Moussa Gouleed died from the accidental fall, not from a beating by her father, lawyer Eric Olson said.

They're not called the "terrible twos" for nothing, I guess. Let's see what this brawny baby managed to inflict on Sis:

An autopsy disclosed evidence that the baby had been repeatedly injured before her death, including several broken bones and a previous skull fracture. Olson said pre-existing injuries inflicted by her brother, coupled with the accidental fall by her father, resulted in her death.

Now, everyone's entitled to a defense, but trying to pin a murder on your own 2-year-old son seems just tad bit craven to me, a little out of the ordinary weaseling you usually find in these cases. I suppose that there's an infinitessimally small chance it could be true, but if it were, what did they do about the boy? Did they just figure he'd grow out of it, or maybe that the girl would raise her six-week-old arms and learn how to defend herself? Or (and here's a radical thought) maybe watch the infant at all times to make sure she was safe and that their little Cain didn't have access to her?



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