November 1, 2003

Ain't Got Time for Green

Too bad this didn't work out -- at least MS-NBC could mercifully kill his weekly TV show:

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura was approached recently by Green Party officials about running for president, but he declined, Ventura said Friday during the taping of his cable talk show, "Jesse Ventura's America." ... According to Jacobs, Ventura said he was not planning a bid at present but was leaving the door open for reconsideration. In the course of the discussion, Ventura said that the Greens had asked him to run and that he had declined because he doesn't agree with some of the Green's positions on issues.

Has anyone asked Ralph Nader how it feels to be potentially replaced by Jesse Ventura? Do you suppose Nader may be a bit reluctant to spend a year campaigning on behalf of a party of environmentalists who wanted to throw him overboard for a pro-hunting, pro-snowmobiling, pro-boating candidate? Will he be able to represent the Greens as a serious third party after they tried to put Minnesota's Clod Savant at the top of the ticket? People wonder why I follow politics, and I tell them it's the closest thing to free stand-up comedy you get.

UPDATE: Power Line has a quick post on this topic, pointing out that the Greens' interest in Jesse tends to prove that the feather-boa wearing loudmouth isn't truly conservative. That's not breaking news in Minnesota, but people around the country have an odd view of Jesse, so it bears pointing out.


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