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December 9, 2003
Wizbang Weblog Awards: My Ballot

Wizbang has the 2003 Weblog Awards polls open, and now's the time to get in (while the lines are short!). I'm not amongst the finalists, is mór an trua é, but I've only been blogging for two months now, too. I'm using the awards to take a look at some blogs I haven't yet seen yet, and so far I'm pretty impressed. What was it that Groucho said about not belonging to a club that would have him as a member? I think I'm understanding that now.

I'll post my selections for each of the categories below. As not all polls are yet open on the Wizbang site, I'll probably do a few at a time, and then update this one post as I go along. I'll move it to the top of the blog every time I update. Feel free to leave me comments about my selections, especially about how brilliant and perceptive they are. Of course, if you disagree, make sure you go to Wizbang and counteract my votes with your own...

Best Overall Blog - Power Line. There are some fine blogs on this list, but not only do I believe that the commentary is top flight, the design is outstanding as well.

Best New Blog - Electric Venom. No surprise that Allah Is In The House is running away with this one; it's a great blog. I've been having a lot o fun at Venomous Kate's, though, and I can't believe that she's only started this year and has over 275,000 hits!

Best Group Blog - Power Line again. This was an even tougher choice; Oxblog, Samizdata, and Volokh Conspiracy are all terrific too.

Best Foreign Blog - The Dissident Frogman. It was a tough choice between DF and Merde in France, who is enjoying a slim lead over an excellent Tim Blair at the moment.

Best Humor Blog - The Politburo Diktat. This was actually the first category I voted in. Hail the Comrade Commissar!

Best Looking Blog - Sugar White Sand. Beautiful background and colors. Thoughtprints was also impressive.

Best Female Authored Blog - Meryl Yourish.

Best Liberal Blog - Amygdala.

Best Conservative Blog - Hugh Hewitt. I'm hoping this is the dreaded third task. Interestingly, he's running just ahead of Instapundit for second place behind Andrew Sullivan. I don't know if I agree with the idea that Instapundit is a conservative blog -- I think Glenn is more independent than conservative.

Best Media/Journalist Blog - OpinionJournal's Best of the Web, without question.

Ecosystem Awards

Higher Beings/Mortal Humans - Lileks. (I actually screwed up my vote on this one, but that's my choice.)

Playful Primates - Electric Venom. I got to cast the first vote in this category!

Large Mammals - Roger L. Simon. Practical Penumbra was a close, close second.

Marauding Marsupials - Unbillable Hours. This was a virtual tie between this one and The Cheese Stands Alone, both of whom I think are outstanding. I think the mascot made the difference for me, or at least his name.

Adorable Rodents - Earthly Passions. This was another virtual tie with the Patriette. Read both, vote for one or the other. You may need a coin flip. Patterrico's Pontifications also deserves a look. LATE BREAKING UPDATE: Give a look to Yale Diva; it's a stylish and fun blog with a great sense of humor.

Flappy Birds - Clarity Amidst Chaos. You'll have to read through his comments to find out why. Blogrolled, too.

Slithering Reptiles - Anticipatory Retaliation. Check out the visitor map!

Crawly Amphibians - Fringeblog. I warn you, this is a minority opinion.

Flippery Fish - The Swanky Conservative, a well-designed blog. It should be moving up the food chain after this!

Slimy Molluscs and Below - AllGuiness. Anyone who names his blog after God's greatest brewed drink gets my vote.

Most Egregious Omission - You could vote for Captain's Quarters, or QandO or Twilight Café. Actually, there are a number of blogs in this category that I've blogrolled before, and any of them would be a good choice. (But hey, vote for me anyway!)

You can voteevery 12 hours, so if you're caught between two or three deserving candidates, you can split your vote. I believe the polls are open until Friday night. I'll post the results when they lose!

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at December 9, 2003 5:15 AM

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