January 11, 2004

Post the Tape!

Comrade Commissar at the Politburo Diktat has a transcript from an underground video that may prove rather popular once it makes its way onto the Internet. In fact, it gives a new meaning to the phrase, "Move On":

Iowa Hilton: Ahhh. Ahhh. Some Stud: Ohhh. Vohhh. Your votes. I want your votes.

IH: (looking at network news cameras): Hi [giggles].
SS: What do you say? I can save you. Come here. Caucus with me for eight hours.
IH: I don't wanna vote this way. I got to work for a living, and I've got kids.
SS: How do you wanna vote? It'll only take 15 minutes.
IH: This way.
SS: You're not gonna be able to hear my opinion good from there.
IH: Yeah I can.
SS: Here.

Read the rest, but be aware that it contains certain bourgeois expletives and decadent references to body parts that Young Communists should not read. On the other hand, transcript gives good overall description of political system of American imperialist running dogs, da. Read the whole post and then report to Commissar for reeducation at first opportunity.


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