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July 8, 2004
Rall And Ehrenreich Guard The Plantation Perimeters

Michelle Malkin erupts in fury to the latest Ted Rall outrage, in which he calls Condi Rice George Bush's "house n***a" and has another African-American character demanding that she surrender her hair straightener. Rall, whose idiocy is so well-documented that it's almost not worth this much commentary, takes it upon his own lily-white tucchus to determine the authenticity of Rice's blackness, simply based on her political point of view. He calls her a hypocrite, which is pretty damned funny coming from an unreconstructed Marxist who nevertheless makes himself a good living selling his intellectual property. In Rall's world, apparently African-Americans are only honest if they adhere to the radical-leftist line.

Michelle gives Rall both barrels:

Show us more of your assininity, Ted. Keep dropping your rhetorical pants. Which other minority public figures do you want to mock for having straightened hair? Colin Powell's wife? Beyonce? Coretta Scott King? Which other independent-thinking, unorthodox minorities do you want to defame for not thinking "white" enough? You wanna send Bill Cosby to "racial re-education camp," too, huh? Which other minority conservatives are you just itching to tar as "HOUSE NIGGAS" or "HOUSE CHINKS" or "HOUSE SPICS?"

(It's also valuable, by the way, to see Rall's mainstream media clients such as the Washington Post continue to stand by him...while at the same time, moan about the lack of civility in public discourse.)

No, Rall won't have to challenge Cos, because equally Euroethnic Barbara Ehrenreich at the New York Times has taken her turn at the plantation gate:

It was such a dog-bites-man story that I almost skipped right by: Billionaire Bashes Poor Blacks. The only thing that gave this particular story a little piquancy is that the billionaire doing the bashing is black himself. Bill Cosby has been attacking the poor of his race, and especially the youthful poor, for a range of sins, including using bad words, "stealing poundcake," "giggling" and failing to give their children normal names like "Bill." "The lower-economic people," Cosby announced, "are not holding up their end in this deal." ...

As for the black youth who so exercise Cosby, their pregnancy rates aren't "soaring," as he reportedly claimed; in fact, they're lower than they've been in decades. Ditto with crime rates. And if Cosby's worried about poor grammar and so forth, why isn't he ranting about the Bush 2005 budget, which would end a slew of programs for dropout prevention, recreation and school counseling?

Or, if he's looking for tantrum fodder, what about the fact that a black baby has a 40 percent chance of being born into poverty? You can blame adults for their poverty if you're mean-spirited enough but you cannot blame babies, and that's, in effect, what we're talking about here.

Uh, no, it wasn't what Cosby was talking about; he specifically talked about the parents not taking responsibility for their children. Cosby doesn't support Bush, but his point was that plenty of resources go wasted by families (and not just black families) in favor of the cult of victimhood and anti-intellectualism. Had Ehrenreich actually listened to Cosby, she would have heard him speaking to the black community about a corrosion of culture that has spread across all lines in our society, and exhorting parents to assert themselves to reverse it, primarily by spending time with their children, for fathers to remain with their families, and to set boundaries for teens from which an entire generation has shrunk in either fear or ennui.

Why do leftists react so harshly whenever anyone from the so-called protected classes have the nerve to think for themselves and hold a different set of political values? Why do they save their most vicious attacks for these few with courage to dissent? Because it challenges their position as protector of the downtrodden. So instead, they set themselves up as the arbiters of true race identification, a patronizing and ludicrous position for Rall and Ehrenreich to assume.

Michelle also comes up with an ironic method of protest: she's inspired the creation of T-shirts and other merchandise to spread the message that liberals can't keep minorities on the political plantation much longer. She provides links to Cafe Press, which already has merchandise ready to sell, and pretty inexpensively, too. Smacking down Ted Rall with a healthy dose of capitalism? Priceless.

UPDATE: Michelle also posts an example of more bigotry and crudity on the left. (Caution: workplace-unfriendly language.)

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at July 8, 2004 7:48 AM

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