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August 6, 2004
The Secret Plan Improved Over The Past Week

John Kerry must have made major improvements in the past week in his secret plan to end the war. This morning, he told NPR that the Kerry/Edwards plan would "significantly reduce" American forces in Iraq within one year, rather than the four years he claimed as late as last weekend:

On Iraq, Kerry lays out his plan to ease U.S. military involvement by increasing international involvement and appointing a high commissioner to act as a liaison with Iraq.

"I believe that within a year from now we can significantly reduce American forces in Iraq," Kerry tells Inskeep.

Edwards adds that Kerry's proposal to create a "fresh start" has the capacity "to convert this from an American occupation to an international presence helping the Iraqis provide for their own security."

The NPR report does not report if Kerry provided any additional details on this plan, nor does it explain how he improved it 75% over the past few days. However, it does explain how Kerry envisions this plan and its implementation. Unfortunately for Kerry, it appears to be exactly what Bush has already done!

1. Increase international involvement -- well, Bush got the UNSC to unanimously endorse the occupation and the interim government. He has 31 nations involved in Iraq now. He's working with Muslim nations to provide security to the ever-courageous UN mission that bugged out a year ago, and possibly with Russia. If Kerry thinks he can get significant troop contributions from France and Germany -- in election years -- he's out of his mind.

2. Appoint a "high commissioner" to work with Iraq -- That was Paul Bremer. Now we have an ambassador to the sovereign government to Iraq. I doubt that Iraq perceives itself to need an American "high commissioner" to tell them what to do.

3. Convert security forces from American to Iraqi -- No kidding. It's exactly what we have already been doing, and to that end involving NATO in training the new Iraqi security forces.

So, kids, that's apparently the "secret" plan -- do everything that George Bush did, except with better hair. Kerry underscored the irony of his vacuousity by finishing with this trite campaign slogan:

"This president rushed to war without a plan to win the peace," Kerry says of his rival for the White House.

If so, it's interesting that with much more time and the benefit of hindsight, the only difference that Kerry has suggested in his "secret" plan is to change the last name of the guy running it. Once again, Kerry makes his empty-suit status clear.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at August 6, 2004 11:46 AM

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