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August 26, 2004
Kerry Campaign Inspiring All The Wrong People

Instapundit notes today that "You won't like Bob Dole when he's angry," and he's definitely not a happy man. Dole appeared on Scarborough Country last night and reminded everyone why the Kerry campaign had to be insane to poke this sleeping giant:

So this time youve got a candidate named John Kerry who had a good record in Vietnam, came back from the service, denounced the war, in effect, trashed the Americans who were still fighting there. Went before a Senate committee in April of 1971, threw away his ribbons or his medals or whatever and now is standing before the American people and saying youve got to elect me because Im this Vietnam hero. ...

John Kerrys a friend of mine. I sent a signal about two or three months ago on television, John, back off. You know, cool it. Dont make the Vietnam War the centerpiece of your campaign. But hes got a problem, because he spent 20 years in the Senate and doesnt have much to show for it.

I keep thinking about the Eddie Murphy line from Beverly Hills Cop, when he's been captured at the warehouse by the bad guys. He looks at one of the men he tossed into a buffet table earlier and said, "Are you still pissed at me?" I'd say Bob Dole is still angry about having the Kerry campaign question his combat injuries through their proxy at the Boston Globe, and it looks now like he's around for the rest of the campaign. Unfortunately for Kerry, his "friend" will be saying things like this in interviews:

[DOLE:] But this is after wed had somebody called Vice President Cheney a coward. Theyve called Bush a deserter that he was AWOL, that hes condoned torture, that hes condoned poisoning of pregnant women. I mean, all these nasty, nasty, over-the-top attacks. ...

SCARBOROUGH: So you spoke with John Kerry. Did he call you, or did you call him?

DOLE: He called me the next day and said Im very disappointed.

I said, Well, John, Im disappointed, too, in all these undeserved attacks on President Bush. If you want to question Dick Cheneys deferment, thats fine. If you want to question the National Guard, thats fine. But John, these other guys, these swift boat veterans are a lot of them that have a different view of what happened than you have, and they have a right to speak. We live in the United States of America. Its a free country. You may not like what they say, but they have a right to say it.

SCARBOROUGH: And what did Senator Kerry say to you in response?

DOLE: He said, I havent spent one dime in my campaign on a negative ad.

Well, he doesnt have to. Hes got George Soros, who put in $15 million. Hes got Harold Ickes up there cranking out millions of dollars of ads. Hes got his former campaign manager in Boston in another group called Bringing America Together.

By forcing Bob Dole out of retirement, the Democrats have brought back one of the best Republican infighters and a man with sterling national credibility back into the game for a GOP ticket that seemed unwilling to do much in that kind of politics so far this year. In a way, Dole's return has an element of poetic justice to it. Kerry's generation has the reputation for narcissistic self-absorption and has embraced victimhood as its highest value, while Dole's generation garnered the mantle of America's greatest. How interesting that Dole has to come back to the house to tell Kerry to stop whining and behave.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at August 26, 2004 5:58 AM

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