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September 23, 2004
Front Lines: Afghan Perspective On American Election

I received this e-mail today in response to my earlier post from the Army Captain in Iraq. This reader is an Army officer in Kandahar and offers his perspective on the earlier message and its implications in Afghanistan.

Captain Ed,

Just read your blog post from the Army Captain in Iraq, regarding the
insurgent's reaction to Kerry's announcement that he would pull out of Iraq.

I am also an Army Captain, and was recently involved in a similar discussion while visiting with some Afghan military/business leaders near Kandahar. They asked us "who was going to win the American election" and we told them that the latest indicators were favorable to a Bush re-election. Their response was very positive, and they expressed deep concern for their country if Kerry were to win. "The Afghan people are praying every day that George Bush is re-elected", they said.

There is a real fear that were Kerry to be elected, he would return us (American soldiers) to the United States and leave Afghanistan to the remnants of the Taliban and Al-Qaida. Just as my peer in Iraq pointed out - these "Anti-Coalition Militia", if encouraged by such a development, are quite capable of biding their time and waiting for us to leave.

I too would have choice words for Mr. Kerry. It seems like every time he opens his mouth, aid and comfort to the enemy comes pouring out. The right thing is always hard to do, and there are thousands of soldiers over here doing the right thing every day - even when simple commitment and encouragement is too hard for some who would profess to be our "leaders".

Thanks for the chance to sound off - but I do need to ask you not to use my name if you post this. You keep up the good work on your end, and we'll keep it up on ours.

Just to be clear and fair, I don't think I've ever heard John Kerry talk about pulling out of Afghanistan. However, the retreatist/defeatist attitude that he espouses on the stump hardly gives confidence to our troops and allies in Afghanistan that Kerry will remain steadfast through difficulties, should they arise there. In fact, a retreat strategy in Iraq likely will increase the pressure on Western forces in Afghanistan, as the terrorists will know how to push the Americans out of the region and will not hesitate to use a successful strategy anywhere and any time.

If you are currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and want to share your view of how our missions are doing there, or you have a family member who sends you e-mail which gives a different point of view than what we get from the mainstream media, please e-mail Captain's Quarters at frontlines*at* We need your real name in order to verify input, but unless we're asked by the sender to use real names, we will not identify American servicepeople.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at September 23, 2004 11:59 AM

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