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October 24, 2004
Explaining Why We Fight To Our Children, Part V

This is Part V in a continuing series by my friend "Mike", a Navy SEAL who spent most of the last couple of years in Iraq as both an active-duty participant and a private contractor. "Mike" explains the war in Iraq to his young sons, and has graciously allowed me to share his letters with you.


Some people say that our country is fighting this war and helping Iraq by ourselves. This is far from the truth. Our President has done an excellent job of leading many other brave countries in helping Iraq. You may have heard the term coalition troops. Well coalition simply means partnership. Daddy has worked very closely with many partners in our coalition and most of them are very motivated to stamp out terrorism and fight for freedom. Some of them from Eastern Europe are especially motivated because they come from countries that only gained their freedom recently.

Now we will see some of the countries that came to Iraq to help. I will show you the people and you see if you can find their countries on the World Map and point them out to Mommy. (See extended entry for these pictures -- CE.)

Daddy can show you many more pictures when he gets home and tell you stories of the brave deeds of our coalition partners. In the meantime take a look at this plaque. It has the flags of all the countries that first came to help with Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Can you count how many countries came to help?

Although many other countries are helping, our country is leading the fight because we are the most powerful country in the world and we are using our might to light the way. It is very appropriate that we should be the leader because the people in our country represent all of the cultures and religions of the whole world. Remember in school when the teacher told you that the United States is a melting pot? See if you can explain to Mommy what that means.

These young men are United States Marines from the First Marine Division. They did most of the hard fighting that won the War in Iraq last year.

These young men are United States Army Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division. They did most of the rest of it.

American Army and Marine troops are the foreigners who are making most of the sacrifices to keep the peace over here at the moment. The rest of us special operations & contractor people support their mission.

However most of the real sacrifices and hard work is now being made by the people of Free Iraq. You see lasting Freedom will never be
free of cost for any country.

No matter what you hear or see on TV or in this letter or in future letters, you should not be afraid. Terrorists are cowards who will keep doing sneaky evil things if they think they can scare people. You should also not be afraid because God is on our side and he is giving strength to our President and our country to stay the course and not back down.

You go to a great school that reinforces the morality and the need for the war we have to wage for freedom. Remember the last line of the national anthem you sing throughout the year? Well the United States of America really is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and many other countries are realizing that if they want to stay free, they must be brave too.

It makes me happy every time you say you love me on the phone. The best thing you can do to show your love for me is to help your Mommy and always show her love and respect. Mommy is the real patriot of our family while I am gone.

I love you and miss you and I am glad you are my son.


I will be transcribing interviews I did with Mike later on today, and hope to have them posted tonight. Keep checking back!


Great Britain



El Salvador and Honduras




South Korea

Free Iraq, the newest Coalition member!

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at October 24, 2004 11:56 AM

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