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October 25, 2004
Redstate Explains Why Kerry Story Matters

Quite a bit of the blogosphere has reacted with a shrug to the Washington Times article this morning about John Kerry's UNSC Fantasy Camp. The general reaction thus far is, So what? We all know that Kerry lies. Another verified instance of this seems to appeal less to the hardened political junkies than it should. The blog that helped break the story,, explains why this matters to America:

After a public lifetime of anti-Americanism and fecklessness, Kerry knows that he needs drive home the five points listed above in order to convince the American people of his fitness to represent and lead our nation abroad. How to square this with that? How to explain the big lie? How to dismiss the appropriation of -- and believe us, the insult to -- these nations with whom Kerry will purportedly work and ally? How to pretend that this is the act of a man laying claim as a central campaign theme the pretense to superior diplomacy, and yes, honesty? How to explain that nettlesome Iraq war resolution vote now? What does John Kerry say? Does he forthrightly acknowledge his error? Or, like the loudmouthed teenager caught bragging about romantic conquests never made, does he simply pretend it never happened?

Redstate has an extensive list of the occasions that Kerry trotted out this lie in order to increase his sense of importance in foreign affairs and a much longer analysis of why they say this lie matters to the presidential election. They also note that Kerry threw Germany in at one point in his claims, forgetting that Germany didn't join the UNSC until well after the vote on Resolution 1441.

I agree with Trevino on this, and I want to emphasize again why I believe this story matters. We have a presidential candidate who has repeatedly accused George Bush of lying to the American public on the thinnest of evidence, and yet Kerry felt no compunction about telling this lie directly to the cameras during a presidential debate. Kerry spent the past week accusing Bush of using scare tactics to get re-elected, and yet Kerry has spent the past several weeks spreading the lies that Bush has secret plans to start a military draft and to steal the pensions of senior citizens. Kerry and his allies have made wild accusations about Bush's military record but have squealed like schoolgirls every time people ask him to sign a Form 180 to release his own complete military file.

Yes, it reveals nothing that we haven't seen before, but in this case the lie is particularly egregious in that he's using it to undermine our foreign policy and diplomacy in a time of war. It's another indication that nothing, not our security or the lives of our troops, comes before his own overwhelming ambitions to seize power and live out the life of his boyhood idol, John Kennedy. And the fact that he's established a firm pattern of deceit and self-aggrandizement shouldn't be treated with a round of indifference; it should be heralded to the American electorate so that they can see Kerry for the prevaricating narcissist that he so clearly is.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at October 25, 2004 6:30 AM

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