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October 31, 2004
Osama Not So Cocky After All?

The New York Post reports that Osama's videotape last Friday may have been more than just an attempt to swing the American elections. The full tape, of which Al-Jazeera played only a small part, turns out to be an al-Qaeda State of the Gang speech, and Osama isn't very pleased with its present condition (hat tip: NZ Bear):

Osama bin Laden's newest tape may have thrust him to the forefront of the presidential election, but what was not seen was the cave-dwelling terror lord talking about the setbacks al Qaeda has faced in recent months.

Officials said that in the 18-minute long tape of which only six minutes were aired on the al-Jazeera Arab television network in the Middle East on Friday bin Laden bemoans the recent democratic elections in Afghanistan and the lack of violence involved with it.

On the tape, bin Laden also says his terror organization has been hurt by the U.S. military's unrelenting manhunt for him and his cohorts on the Afghan-Pakistani border.

If a full transcript ever gets released, this would certainly refute the ludicrous assessments by people like Joseph Cirincione of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, who claimed on Friday that George Bush has been "big for [Islamist] business". Those who think that Bush has traded one set of miseries for another might have to grow up and finally admit that our efforts have had a severe impact on the networks of Islamist terrorism.

However, even if the entire tape had been available for American audiences, do you think that our media would have treated it any differently than Al Jazeera? Before you answer, consider the recent track record of the MSM in the run-up to the election. We've had a major broadcaster attempt to use forged documents to smear George Bush and his National Guard service; the same broadcaster team up with the leading American newspaper to issue a last-minute, poorly researched hit piece regarding the loss of 0.019% of the explosive ordinance in Iraq; and the absolute dismissal of testimony by 250 Vietnam veterans regarding the service record of John Kerry.

Al-Jazeera needn't have worried about releasing the entire contents. Their primary objective, after all, remains the same as our media outlets: removing George Bush from the White House.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at October 31, 2004 9:36 AM

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