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November 4, 2004
Gulf War Syndrome Caused By Sarin Exposure: Researchers

The BBC reports that researchers working for the VA have determined that Gulf War veterans complaining of unexplained chronic illness have neural damage that indicates chronic, low-level exposure to sarin -- a possible explanation for Gulf War Syndrome:

The New Scientist journal has reported a leak of a US inquiry into the ill-health of veterans of the 1991 war. The US Department of Veterans Affairs' Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses is due to publish its findings next week. But the magazine said researchers have found neural damage consistent with the nerve agent used by Saddam Hussein.

The link is said to have been "crucial" to a change of heart by the US authorities over Gulf war syndrome.

After over a decade of denying a single root cause, and a lack of evidence of such, the US government will finally concur that the Gulf War vets have a specific war-related illness, one that can be diagnosed and hopefully treated. It may change the commonly held belief that Saddam never deployed chemical weapons against US troops during the first Gulf War, although the BBC offers another plausible explanation:

After the fighting was over, a large chemical weapons dump was blown up, creating a plume of gas, which would have contained sarin and which could have affected at least 100,000 allied soldiers, possibly far more, the New Scientist said.

I personally find that rather unlikely. Coalition forces specifically looked for Saddam's chemical weapons after the collapse of Iraq's defense in February 1991. Explosive ordinance demolition teams do not just blow up weapons -- they carefully inventory them first to ensure they don't do precisely what the BBC suggests. Could they have missed something, or could Saddam have purposely mislabeled them to keep them from detection? Possibly, but in the former case we had people who knew what to seek; in the latter, if the weapons were kept that well hidden, how could they have deployed them in battle?

The BBC report notes that coalition chemical-weapons monitors generated many false alarms during Operation Desert Storm. I would bet that some of those alarms weren't as false as first thought.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at November 4, 2004 5:56 AM

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