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November 6, 2004
Annan, UN Prove Their Fecklessness

Kofi Annan sought to protect the terrorists who continue their bloody grip on Fallujah by writing a letter to the governments of Iraq, Britain, and the US demanding a cessation of hostilities. The three governments reacted with scorn to the notion that Iraq should somehow live with terrorists setting up their own city-state within Iraqi borders, allowing them to maintain a base of operations with which to terrorize the entire country:

In letters dated Oct. 31 and addressed to President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and interim Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi, Annan said using military force against insurgents in the city would further alienate Sunni Muslims already feeling left out of a political process orchestrated largely by Washington.

"I wish to share with you my increasing concern at the prospect of an escalation in violence, which I fear could be very disruptive for Iraq's political transition," Annan wrote to the three leaders.

"I also worry about the negative impact that major military assaults, in which the main burden seems bound to be borne by American forces, are likely to have on the prospects for encouraging a broader participation by Iraqis in the political process, including in the elections."

Notice that Annan lays the blame for "escalating violence" at the feet of the Allawi government and the Anglo-American coalition that supports it. This has always been the UN approach; blame the victims for the terrorism. It matters little to Annan and the UN that the Allawi government has tried patiently -- a little too patiently, in my opinion -- to negotiate a peaceful solution with Fallujans, who absolutely refuse to give up the foreign terrorists that behead civilians for entertainment. As carbombs continue killing civilians, the UN wants Allawi to sit back and talk things over more with the masterminds who want Allawi dead and an Islamic dictatorship imposed on Iraq.

In the words of General McAuliffe -- "Nuts."

Annan's reaction to terrorists in Fallujah is quite enlightening. Here we have a city that holds some of the worst terrorists in the world, including the bloodthirsty Abu Masab al-Zarqawi, and Annan gets weak-kneed at the thought of eliminating him. It shows that the UN will never be an effective partner against global terrorism. For Annan and the UN bureaucracy, negotiations become an end instead of a tactic, in which the existence of dialogue is held more valuable than the saving of lives or the freedom of people.

Annan and the UN would love nothing more than to inject themselves into the Iraqi security situation, but for some reason won't actually come to Iraq to do it. Perhaps that reason is because they trusted the same ex-Ba'athists to provide their security in August 2003 that they want Allawi to negotiate with now. As I recall, the UN's experience in dialoguing with the Saddam remnants turned out rather poorly for them, and they haven't had the guts to return since. Why, then, should anyone listen to Kofi Annan's opinions on how Iraqi security should be maintained?

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at November 6, 2004 9:12 AM

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