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November 21, 2004
Ten Weeks To Victory

The Iraqi government has set January 30th as their Election Day, promising to conduct balloting in every area of the country regardless of the so-called insurgency:

Iraq's Electoral Commission on Sunday set national elections for Jan. 30, and a spokesman said ballots would be cast nationwide, including in areas now wracked by violence. ...

Farid Ayar, spokesman of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq, said areas still beset by violence including the insurgent strongholds of Fallujah and Ramadi, as well as northern Mosul will participate in the elections.

"No Iraqi province will be excluded, because the law considers Iraq as one constituency, and therefore it is not legal to exclude any province," he said.

The Islamofascists and the Ba'ath remnants stepped up their bloody campaign to destabilize liberated Iraq in September, also hoping to affect the election in the United States. So far their efforts have met with little success. Their main base of operations, Fallujah, has been taken away from them not only by American troops but also by a free Iraqi corps determined not to go backwards into tyranny.

The terrorists made a serious miscalculation about their ability to withstand the Coalition offensive in their fortified City of Mosques, and also the determination of the Iraqis and Americans to clear out anywhere the terrorists gathered -- including those same mosques. The resultant collapse came so quickly that the terrorists abandoned most of their intelligence and supplies, allowing the Americans and Iraqis to quickly find other cells and associates of the Islamist network. This led to the capture of 1450 Fallujan combatants, the surprise seizure of 104 more in Baghdad, as well as this:

Northwest of Baghdad, U.S. forces conducted a raid to capture a "high value target" associated with Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in an area northwest of Baghdad, a U.S. spokesman said Sunday. Three people were detained.

Late Saturday, Marines conducted a "limited-scale" raid to disrupt insurgent activities in the Haqlaniyah area, about 135 miles northwest of Baghdad, said 1st Lt. Lyle Gilbert.

Three people were detained and a weapons cache was confiscated, Gilbert said. He did not specify whether any of the three was the "high value target" that U.S. forces were seeking.

Make no mistake -- the momentum is firmly on the side of the Coalition and the insurgency is crumbling. Individual cells have the ability to carry out spot attacks, but their command and control have been seriously compromised. The intelligence failure on their part has made all of them vulnerable and the fall of Fallujah has taken away the base to which they once could return to re-establish network-wide communications.

Once elections are held, all pretense of shedding an "occupation" will be gone, and the terrorists will have been defeated by liberated Iraqis. It's our job to get them to that point.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at November 21, 2004 9:00 AM

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