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December 13, 2004
Oh, Let's Just Hold Another Election So They Can Gripe Some More (Breathless Update!)

Now Democrats want federal election officials to stop the Electoral College from certifying the 2004 presidential election until hand recounts are completed in all 50 states, according to this report from the Arizona Republic. CQ commenter Spectregunner directs our attention to a protest at the Arizona state capitol by 200 people, including a Democratic state representative, who insist that the election results have no credibility:

About 200 protesters from around Arizona gathered at the state Capitol on Sunday urging electors to delay the Electoral College vote until each state performs a hand recount of the popular vote.

The event was timed to pressure the electors, who are meeting in each state today, to cast electoral votes for president and vice president. President Bush won Arizona's 10 electoral votes with 55 percent of the vote, besting Sen. John Kerry.

On Sunday, the protesters' primary aim, as described by one hand-lettered sign, was to "rage against the voting machines."

Protesters said that discrepancies between pre-election polls and the final results were evidence of fraud and should be investigated.

I keep shaking my head, wondering when the nuttiness of Democratic self-delusion will reach its limits. In every pre-election poll conducted in Arizona, George Bush handily led John Kerry. In fact, the final national results tally closely with most predictive outcomes from the various national pollsters. Even John Kerry's own pollster predicted a 3-point win in the popular vote for George Bush the day of the election, although he also wrote that he hoped to be proven wrong.

Now the Democrats -- including an elected official -- consider sample polling more reliable than actual voting in determining voter intent, a concept that stands 200 years of elections on its head. Moreover, their argument is internally inconsistent. They decry the lack of paper trails with electronic voting, but insist on hand recounts of ballots that don't, therefore, exist:

State Rep. Ben Miranda, D-Phoenix, said he would push for legislation that would mandate printed records of individual votes. He also called for more accountability for poll workers who handle voting machines.

"We want to make sure that whoever touches that machine, it's documented," he told the crowd, which responded with cheers, applause and occasional tabla drumming.

Well, the occasional tabla drumming certainly convinces me! However, I think that Democrats need sense drummed into their heads instead of continuing the monotonous beat of we-was-robbed, we-was-robbed that has formed the core belief of the Leftist religion the last three election cycles.

BREATHLESS, SIREN-SIGNIFIED UPDATE: The grown-ups thankfully remain in charge:

The Ohio delegation to the Electoral College cast its votes for President Bush on Monday, hours after dissident groups asked the state Supreme Court to review the outcome of the state's presidential race. ...

"The vast majority of people understand this election is over," said Gov. Bob Taft, who was at the electors' voting session in the state Senate chamber.

While I believe the governor overestimated the extent of the GOP majority status in America, I commend him for his optimism. One or two more cycles of delusional Democratic tantrums and he may just be proven prescient.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at December 13, 2004 12:30 PM

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