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December 22, 2004
Annan Wants US To Move On

Kofi Annan issued a coded call for America to drop its investigations into the United Nations and leave him alone, as he cheered the end of an admittedly horrible year for the Secretary-General and the United Nations:

At a year-end news conference Tuesday, Annan said he had no intentions of stepping down over allegations of corruption in the Iraqi oil-for-food program, which have "cast a shadow" over the United Nations and especially over its relations with Washington.

"The United States needs the United Nations and the United Nations needs the United States," the secretary-general said. "And we need to find a way of working together."

"The current criticisms and the attacks have not been helpful for the relationship, regardless of which quarter it comes from, and we need to find a way of putting those kinds of acrimonious discussions behind us and move on," he added.

Annan once again shows his lack of understanding or a great talent for prevarication. As the US and UK plainly demonstrated, the UN needs the US a hell of a lot more than the other way around. Without the US to provide security forces, the UN becomes a completely toothless debating society, and to the extent that Annan and the flat-earthers attempt to keep America under wraps, they remain that anyway. In their operations without Anglo-American supervision, the UN has been hopelessly inept (Congo, Srebrenica, Sudan) or hopelessly corrupt (UNSCAM).

What has the UN done for America? They've ignored the terrorist threat by linking it to Israel's status, creating a stalemate on the Security Council and an abject surrender on the Human Rights committees that abound at Turtle Bay (and are usually run by the worst abusers). They allowed Saddam Hussein twelve long years to ignore the cease-fire accords that kept him in Baghdad, and then once we finally bypassed the UNSC, we found out that member-nations like Russia, China, France, and Germany continued selling Saddam arms in violations of the sanctions they insisted would be enough to render him harmless. The oil-for-food program that we hoped would ease the sanctions' bite on ordinary Iraqis instead was transformed by the UN into a vehicle to stuff billions of dollars into Saddam's pockets, some of which went to fund terrorism in Palestine and almost certainly against the US.

Yeah, we need the UN, all right -- like we need another 9/11.

Annan calls for a renewed cooperation from the US as a means to head off our investigation into UN corruption over which Annan has presided. Instead, we should double our efforts to find out where our money went, and we should stop sending any more money to the UN until Annan accepts responsibility for the moral and legal collapse at Turtle Bay. It's time to play some power politics in the UN and to make everyone aware that we mean business.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers, and Merry Christmas!

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at December 22, 2004 9:59 AM

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