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January 3, 2005
Ankle-Biting My Christianity

Mitch at Shot In The Dark drew my attention to a piece by local crank Mark Giselson on his blog that calls into question the Christianity of the Northern Alliance bloggers. (No, I'm not kidding.) He manages to figure out a search engine well enough to find how many times we've all mentioned Jesus on our blogs and from there discerns that we have little faith in our Christianity.

Mitch explodes this drivel in great detail. I won't go that far, although anyone who presumes Power Line is some crypto reference to Christianity clearly needs the enema of a really good fisking. (Missing the fact that at least one of the three Power Line bloggers is Jewish also demonstrates Giselson's idiocy.) Here's what Giselson has to say about me:

Despite higher hopes for Captains Quarters, I got an immediate negatory noise when I searched for Jesus on their front page. I also drew a complete blank with Google which I knew couldnt be correct, so I scrolled down and found their internal search engine which immediately pulled up 31 links. OK, not bad. But subtract Mel Gibson and youre suddenly down to 27 links, lose The DaVinci Code and youre at 26, losing Reggie White makes it 25 . . . the fact is the Capn doesnt seem terribly obsessed with Jesus.

Actually, I'm tempted not to gripe too much, as the not bad represented the highest rating of the group. However, what appears to have escaped Giselson's notice is that we are political bloggers, not religion bloggers. I've some experience with Catholic apologetics, but I don't find that a topic that interests me enough to write posts on it. I do sometimes write about my faith, when inspired to do so, but mostly I refer people to the Anchoress and to Joe Carter for better work in these areas.

Interestingly, my posts on Mel Gibson directly spoke to matters of faith; I'm not sure why Giselson discounts them out of hand. Perhaps it's because he never bothered to read them. If he did, he has some comprehension issues that would explain this post.

Why don't I write more about Christianity and my faith? I don't think CQ readers will find my insights terribly interesting, for one thing. I also tend to consider my Catholicism as a private matter rather than blog fodder. When I'm inspired, I write about it; otherwise, I leave it to those more inspired than me. It doesn't mean that I don't consider myself a practicing Catholic or that my faith doesn't have much import in my life. I think that point would have been obvious to most people.

Jesus instructed his followers not to judge the status of others' souls or faith. That arrogates to man what is God's alone. When I start a faith-based blog, then perhaps Giselson can gain some insight into my faith and its strength or weakness. Until then, Giselson should remember to put his straw-man dolls away when playing with his keyboard. The confusion obviously overwhelms him.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at January 3, 2005 7:17 AM

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