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January 9, 2005
Live-Blogging The Lord Of The Rings Marathon

11:23 - We're deep into the Fellowship of the Ring now, and the Fellowship of the Marathon are all in rapt attention. One of our number decided to take a pass (my naturally sensible daughter-in-law), but the three true fans still hang in there. Right now we're hearing about the Hobbit habits of second breakfasts and "elevensies", while Frodo makes his way to Weathertop.

The First Mate has wisely avoided coming downstairs to the home theater since the beginning...

11:57 - Intermission, which means that Arwen and Aragorn are speaking Elvish to each other with choruses of sopranos in the background. It's a good thing, too, because I'm noticing some hair growing on the top of my bare feet.

Andy just pointed out that all of the good guys in the movies -- at least the main ones -- have blue eyes. Some of that was accomplished digitally by director Peter Jackson, according to the special features. (It's not consistently applied, however.)

12:34 - We're on the second disk of FotR now. Boromir cares not for the Ring. Neither does the First Mate. We've also discovered that the Captain doesn't know how to use the new DVD player very well, and some in the room want me to give up the remote.

But I will not suffer the remote to be taken from me ... it is precious in my sight ...

2:13 - Just starting The Two Towers, with its replay of the Gandalf/Balrog scene. We've eaten some homemade pizza, courtesy of the First Mate, who continues to avoid the nerd-fest below.

We've noticed that a creature has been tracking us for a while now -- slinking around, watching us, sneaking up on us when it thinks we don't notice it. The First Mate says it's the dog looking for dinner, but I think it might be Gollum ...

4:15 - Now we're on the second half of TT, with the daughter-in-law and the Little Admiral in attendance, finally. Just to clarify for Dafydd, we are watching the extended versions of all three movies.

Why am I blogging now? Well, we just got to another Arwen dream-sequence. Always a good spot to catch up on the reading ...

4:40 - Faramir has Frodo and is taking him to Osgiliath. My son has the Little Admiral and is taking her upstairs to make her eat something. Neither are particularly happy about it. I see that the Vikings jumped out to a 17-point lead, but are in the process of giving it back right now. Can anyone tell me if Randy Moss has walked off the field yet?

5:15 - The Battle of Helm's Deep is about to begin. So far, the Little Admiral has not been terribly scared of the movie, but we may send her upstairs with the First Mate pretty soon ...

6:28 - Now we're about 25 minutes into Return of the King. Smeagol's strangled Deagol, and the First Mate wants to strangle the Captain unless he helps out with dinner. Fortunately, Andy's taking care of it. Andy is now officially the Sam of our fellowship.

The Little Admiral decided that she wanted to watch Veggie Tales instead of Orc Tales, so she's upstairs laughing and singing ...

6:35 - It looks like the Vikes are going to beat the Packers today, much to my surprise! They're up 14 with 2 minutes left to play and driving in Green Bay's red zone. I don't even think Randy Moss could screw that up ...

7:43 - Now we're hanging out (literally) in the Morgul Vale, just having finished dinner. Unlike Frodo and Sam, we had manicotti instead of lembas bread. The Little Admiral completely zonked out at 7 pm and she's asleep in our bed upstairs. The First Mate made us some dessert (more lembas bread?) that we'll eat after a while.

We've kept the lights off in the den the entire time, allowing us to have the theater experience the entire time. The closer they've gone to Mordor, the darker it got in here. Pretty cool.

4:59 AM 1/10 - Sorry that I couldn't complete the live blog, but Hosting Matters got hit with another DDOS attack last night. Suffice it to say that we made it through to the end, our last shreds of sanity intact -- after 12 1/2 hours of LotR.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at January 9, 2005 11:24 AM

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