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January 30, 2005
Idiots On Parade

Part of the amusement of watching the coverage of the historic Iraqi elections comes from seeing certain Democrats making asses of themselves on national TV. I'm watching MS-NBC, where former Undersecretary of Defense Jed Babbin just dismantled Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) on a military pull-out from Iraq. Babbin couldn't contain himself when Woolsey tried using a page from the Left's new post-election playbook:

WOOLSEY: ... We also would like to see, ah, the United States military take a step back and the multinational, ah, humanitarian groups step forward so we can help the Iraqis now with their, ah, rebuilding their infrastructure, rebuilding their economy, and helping take the military presence, ah, to help them instead to train their, ah, their security.

HOST: Congresswoman, are you calling for an immediate phased withdrawal along the lines of what Senator Kennedy suggested last week?

W: Well, I'm calling for immediate planning for withdrawal, ah, by pulling, ah, the Iraqis, ah, their neighbors, ah, the Arab nations together with the United Nations and the United States and talk about how we're going to do this, and, ah, ah, how -- how best to do it immediately.

H: If I could just follow up, Jed, on that line about political pressure, there really hasn't been -- apart from some members of Congress, Senator Kennedy to be sure -- there really hasn't been a lot of political or popular pressure to start a withdrawal. So that really gives the president some breathing room with his policy, don't you think?

BABBIN: Oh, it sure does. The President has it right, and with all due respect, Congresswoman, you have it so vastly, vastly wrong, it's hard to even begin to describe. People have been asking, the President has been asking the international community to come in and help in Iraq for almost two years now. The fact is that no matter how much wishful thinking we have, they're not going to come! We can go to the UN until the cows come home, and these people are not going to send in humanitarian relief, they're not going to send in engineers, they're not going to pay for things. These people have abandoned democracy, and to say that we're going to have some sort of miraculous recovery at the United Nations or that the eunuchs of Old Europe will come riding to our rescue is simply disingenuous.

W: Well, I disagree with you. Actually, I believe that if we, ah, remove our military presence, and are there as members of a multinational, um, peacekeeping organization, then the other countries will come forward. Actually, I heard an interview with a leader in France saying that's exactly what they would be pleased to do.

B: If I could jump back in there for a minute, you're saying that Iraq's neighbors are going to come in and help? Syria and Iran, which are backing the insurgency? I mean, you can't seriously suggest that the neighboring nations are going to come to the aid of Iraq when they're doing everything they can in desperation to try to prevent democracy!

W: Part of that, I believe, has a lot to do with our military presence, the United States looking like occupiers. Now that this election is behind us, we should help the Iraqi people put their government together for the Iraqi people. But that means we don't put together the infrastructure through US corporations so that Halliburton makes all the profit and the benefit instead of the Iraqi people.

Lynn Woolsey represents the Sixth Congressional District in California, encompassing the Santa Rosa area. She continued to embarrass herself and her district in the Crossfire-type program, obviously outmatched in this battle of wits. In fact, if it hadn't been for Ron Reagan giving her a half-hearted boost at the end, I think she would have completely melted down. I don't know why my native state continues to send the products of its educational system to Congress, but the entertainment value is tremendous.

UPDATE: I hope that MS-NBC puts a transcript of this show on its website. Jeralyn Merritt says twice that the casting of ballots doesn't make for legitimate government. Classic comedy from the Left! I can't wait for 2006.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at January 30, 2005 4:15 PM

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