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February 9, 2005
Scarborough: Eason Jordan Should Be Fired

Joe Scarborough weighed in on Eason's Fables for the first time on his blog after making it a featured topic on his show earlier. Scarborough calls for Eason Jordan to either name names and present the evidence for his allegations, or get fired by CNN:

There is a cancer growing at CNN, and it's time it got cut out. It's time for the real deal. ...

One of the top news executives in America spent his time before some of the most influential people on the planet telling them that American men and women deliberately targeted journalists for assassination.

Democratic Congressman Barney Frank told Michelle Malkin that after Jordan made the statements, he was so troubled that he tried to get specific examples from Jordan. But Jordan refused to provide an ounce of proof to support his outrageous charge.

I'm delighted to see Scarborough quote Michelle Malkin, who has led the charge to get Eason's Fables from the blogosphere to the mainstream media over the past ten days. Without her efforts and her credentials that got successive interviews with Barney Frank and David Gergen, this might still be nothing but blog fodder. I wish Joe had given a nod to Hugh Hewitt who got the blogswarm started, but that's for the historians, if this finally makes it all the way to the front burner.

Joe even managed to get the entire story on Jordan, being one of the few media leaders who connected Eason's Fables to the Portugal allegations of torture:

There's more: Jordan also told an audience in 2004 that American troops had arrested and tortured journalists in Iraq.

But last year's charges, like those leveled this year, were not backed up by a single fact by Mr. Jordan.

But one fact is not in dispute: this CNN leader has defamed the honor and integrity of our brave men and women in uniform by reckless charges presented in the most cowardly way: behind closed doors in conferences packed by international elites.

If Jordan thinks U.S. troops are little more than hired assassins focused on killing journalists, it is time for him to name names. Otherwise his continued attacks constitute slander. I know troops in harms way in Iraq. I have heard their inspiring stories when cameras were turned off and their babies were sleeping in their laps. They believe are exporting liberty not assassination squads.

He calls on Jonathan Klein, CNN's president, to force Jordan to produce his evidence or can him, in order to protect CNN's integrity. That may already be too late, and at any rate Jordan isn't the only problem executive with a similar track record of unsubstantiated allegations. Both Jordan and Chris Cramer need to get the boot before Klein can hope for a renaissance of CNN's credibility. (hat tip: CQ reader Donn B, and Dread Pundit Bluto also notes this story.)

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at February 9, 2005 10:24 PM

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