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March 17, 2005
The Al-Qaeda Bund Of West Seattle High

Michelle Malkin notices this disturbing story of political indoctrination gone awry at West Seattle High School. Susan Paynter reveals an attempt to hijack a legitimate panel discussion about the Iraq War and the broader war on terror among those, as Paynter notes, who may soon fight it by radical elements more intent on slandering the US military than an actual debate:

Three invited pro-military speakers were shocked last Friday when they arrived for a West Seattle High student assembly to confront a theater stage strewn with figures costumed as Iraqi men, women and children splashed with blood.

It was a warm-up for the "Iraq Awareness Assembly" so no students except the actual actors saw the skit before the military guests complained to principal Susan Derse and she put a stop to it. And here comes the crucial part: no teachers or advisers were on hand or evidently even aware of the content although that part is one of several things still under investigation. ...

Stage right were students in orange Abu Ghraib-style prison jumpsuits, hoods over heads, pounding on plates with spoons. Next, a student dressed as a grieving Iraqi woman knelt near a bloody body while, over a microphone, a narrator wailed the story of civilians shot, kicked and beaten by American soldiers.

The school could provide no explanation for the skits prepared and enacted by the students, and could not determine if any adult supervision had been involved. However, as anyone who survived public school knows, students don't just disappear into the theater for any period of time without having some cooperation from teachers. This wasn't an improvisation; they had costumes, effects, and at least a rudimentary set built for this play. Combined with the access given the students to the assembly, it's clear that teachers set this ambush up -- and that's exactly what this was intended to be:

Apparently the plan was for students to file into the auditorium as the play was going on. But, when she got wind of the content of the skit, Derse issued an announcement that all students be detained in their rooms until after the stage could be cleared. "The only folks who saw it were the students putting it on and, unfortunately, the guest speakers," Spencer said.

So no one was supposed to find out about the play until they walked in on it, which is exactly how West Seattle High's guests discovered it. Two of these guests were veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, who hopefully gave these students a quick and pointed lesson in the history of the conflict and what liberation meant to both countries.

We can thank the Eason Jordans and Pinch Sulzbergers of our national media for this disgrace. Due to their efforts, the American military has been defined by a handful of miscreants at Abu Ghraib, instead of the tens of thousands that brought democracy to over 50 million people suffering under two of the worst tyrannies of the past generation. Even as the remnants of both tyrannies continue to target and kill civilians for their own political purposes and the people defy them to organize their own representative governments -- and others in the region demand the same for themselves -- the leftists in Seattle education circles insist on painting Americans as baby-killers and bloodthirsty monsters.

Shame on West Seattle High and those who encourage and teach this to the students entrusted to their care.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at March 17, 2005 7:00 AM

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