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May 29, 2005
It Depends On The Entertainment

No one doubts that the United Nations has had a terrible past few years. They wound up supine to a genocidal maniac in Iraq, whose pockets they stuffed with billions in cash through corruption and incompetence while his people starved. Their peacekeeping missions have proven worthless as the troops stand by and watch civilians get massacred. Those women and young girls who are unfortunate to wind up at refugee camps get used by the soldiers and the UN management officials as prostitutes merely for subsistence levels of food, or an occasional dollar in return for sexual favors. Kofi Annan urges action in Darfur, but can't bring himself to declare the Arab rampage there a genocide, which would force the Security Council to intervene. This corruption and incompetence has been proven to run to the highest levels of the UN, and the organization still cannot bring itself to hold its leadership accountable for the organization's myriad failures.

So what is the UN's main concern these days? According to the New York Times, it's that President Bush hasn't RSVP'd for their big anniverdary celebration in San Francisco:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has indicated she will not attend. So has former President George H. W. Bush. The controversial nominee for United Nations ambassador, John R. Bolton, has not been heard from, nor has President Bush, who was sent an invitation in February.

Getting big-name administration officials to attend events outside Washington is always a long shot because of their busy schedules. But in the case of the 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of the United Nations, which will take place in San Francisco late next month, some organizers are wondering if something beyond scheduling conflicts is at play.

Nancy L. Peterson, president of the United Nations Association of San Francisco, a nonprofit group that has been planning the celebration, said no explanation had been offered by the White House. But she said some members were worried that President Bush's seeming disdain for the world organization might be behind the silence and no-shows.

"We are a month out, and that's cutting it close," Ms. Peterson said. When asked if San Franciscans felt slighted, she said, "I think the administration is slighting the American people by not stepping forward on behalf of the United Nations at this turning point."

On the contrary -- I think the administration might be sending a message that perfectly resonates with the American people's perspective on the UN. It has little to do with San Francisco, although the people there have invariably been rude and abusive when the nation's leaders visit there, underscoring the general self-indulgence and immaturity one usually sees in the political class in that region. The snub has everything to do with the fact that no one in Bush's administration wants to celebrate or salute the current corrupt management at Turtle Bay, and that is exactly what this event would do.

The truly laughable part of Dean Murphy's report is the mention of John Bolton's lack of response. First, Bolton has yet to be confirmed to the post of UN ambassador, so technically he has no reason to be invited, let alone attend. Moreoever, the New York Times has done nothing but encourage the Bolton opposition, engaging in the same character assassination launched by Harry Reid and his minions, and have staunchly and publicly opposed his confirmation. The UN, according to these Democrats, want nothing to do with Bolton at Turtle Bay. Now suddenly they send him an invitation to this celebration, and the Times wants to know why he hasn't responded? Murphy and the Times can't be that stupid; they are, however, pretty hypocritical in mentioning it.

The UN has collapsed into a crime family, where money and personnel intended to assist the most vulnerable instead work to the support of the most evil tyrants, where forces intended on protecting the innocent abandon them to enemies and sexually assault the female survivors, and where the various dictatorships and kleptocracies who pursue slavery and terrorism run committees that focus their ire on Western nations for not putting even more resources at their disposal to continue these travesties. Its management has proven itself above accountability and its membership has encouraged all of it for a chance to handicap the Western democracies in their bid to spread true freedom and liberty across the globe.

What's there to celebrate?

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at May 29, 2005 8:33 AM

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