June 13, 2005

Quick Links For The Morning

I stayed up late last night to get the morning posts in, as my schedule will be erratic today. I hope to have new posts later on, but in the meantime be sure to catch up on a few stories that should get your attention.

Arthur Chrenkoff gives us the Step By Step on Iraq in Opinionjournal today. Chrenkoff reminds us that we can't expect to fix in six months something that has been broken for almost two generations. Find out why two-thirds of Iraqis now feel that their country is heading in the right direction.

Red State Rant has the first part of their interview with Newt Gingrich posted. They also had a terrific interview with Zell Miller earlier. In the next part, Lance will get to my question for Newt. RSR has made quite a splash for a new blog -- congratulate Lance for the splendid job he's done.

The outrage continues on Ed Klein's hack job on Hillary. See Q&O, Ankle-Biting Pundits, and The Anchoress. Hard Starboard, Cassandra, and Doc Rampage disagree with me at length.

Back later ...

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin gives us a comprehensive look at the testicular collapse involving Gitmo. When Brit Hume has more fortitude than Mel Martinez and Chuck Hagel on the war on terror, the GOP needs to sit down with its elected officials and remind them of the stakes involved in interrogating terrorists.

Hugh Hewitt -- thanks for the shout-out in today's post. CQ readers who have not already checked out Hugh's post for today should look at the linkfest, especially on the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and how the Catholic Church has taken the lead to combat it. I'll try to post more on this later.

Some people are asking me for my position in the Great Quarter War between Colorado's Bill Owens and Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty, covered extensively by Fraters Libertas. While I fully support Minnesota and its glorious loon(ey) tradition, I'd rather see peace between two fine, outstanding GOP governors. I agree with Hugh's sentiment when he played "The Farmer And The Cowboy Should Be Friends" from Oklahoma!, and I would encourage both sides to take heed of the lyrics:

Oh, the farmer and the cowboy should be friends,
Yes, the farmer and the cowboy should be friends,
One man wants to import pills,
The other often falls down hills,
But that's no reason why they can't be friends.

Timeless words of wisdom from Rodgers and Hammerstein, my friends.


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