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August 4, 2005
Europe To Radical Islamists: Bye-Atollah

Europe appears to finally have awakened to the threat of radical Islam within its own borders after the series of London bombings conducted by home-grown Islamist terrorists. Governments throughout the Continent have decided to start expelling radical imams glorifying jihad and inciting their congregations to violaence:

Countries across Europe are working to expel radical Islamic clerics who glorify and condone acts of terrorism, in hopes of stemming the tide of extremism among impressionable Muslim youth.

France deported an imam to his native Algeria on Friday for incendiary sermons at mosques in Paris, and at least eight more extremist clerics are expected to be banished in the coming weeks.

Italy expelled eight fundamentalist Palestinian preachers on Tuesday for not holding proper residency permits, Italian news agency ANSA reported.

The British Home Office announced recently that it will introduce an anti-terror bill that criminalizes "indirect incitement of terrorism," and is creating a database to identify those who preach intolerance and run Web sites promoting jihad, or holy war.

The measures, adopted after the July 7 London transit bombings, are part of a campaign across Europe to root out extremist imams who help radicalize disenchanted Muslim youths and recruit them for violent causes.

We may finally witness the death of judgment-free multiculturalism in its most hidebound sanctuary. The moral relativism that allowed Europe to pretend that Islamist radicals calling the faithful to murder had the same value as the rabbi callng the congregation to pray appears to have suddenly disappeared as 'regular' Europeans find themselves targeted by the terrorists. When the victims remained in remote locations such as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem -- or New York -- the Europeans could comfort themselves by proclaiming their open policies towards the Palestinians and the free hand they gave their burgeoning Muslim populations.

Now, however, those policies have been shown to provide no protection from Islamist violence, and points up a fundamental misunderstanding of the enemy on the part of our European allies, as well as many here at home. Islamists do not attack Western nations because of our geopolitical goals. They murder us because we are not Muslims, and we still hold power. Their mission isn't to teach Westerners manners, it's to destroy Western civilization altogether and replace it with a worldwide Caliphate. And not just Western civilization, either, but also all infidel strains of Islam and any other basis of modern thought.

Tolerating this type of activity in the name of free speech doesn't win anyone Brownie points among the terrorists, either. They see it as a tactical opening for them and a strategic weakness for us that they are all too delighted to exploit. Preaching murder and violence does not get protection from the law, even here with the First Amendment. That activity falls within one of the few legitimate exceptions to protected free speech and exercise of religion, and it's high time that all governments recognize that and act to enforce it.

Deporting such vile hatemongers and masterminds of mass murder will not silence them, of course. They will relocate to the dwindling number of Islamist-friendly locations. It will help avoid them beguiling Western youth into transforming themselves into walking bombs, though, as we saw in London last month.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at August 4, 2005 5:57 AM

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