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September 1, 2005
Katrina Aid: CQ Chooses Catholic Charities (Updates!)

The blogosphere will spend its efforts tomorrow on promoting disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, an idea first floated by Hugh Hewitt and getting promoted by Instapundit and NZ Bear today. Instapundit lists plenty of fine charities for your donation efforts, and selecting one to sponsor makes for a difficult decision. I chose Catholic Charities for a couple of reasons. First, the Catholic Church has many connections to the local communities in that region and can get the funds and material to the victims that much quicker. Second, I believe they do good work at a minimum of overhead, allowing for a better rate of donations to relief than possible with some other agencies. Lastly, as a Catholic, I believe that this kind of effort needs encouragement from its congregation in order to ensure that the Church fulfills its mission to the world.

Regardless of where you decide to contribute, please join the blogosphere tomorrow in getting aid to our brothers and sisters in the disaster area.

UPDATE and BUMP: I'm bumping this to 9/1 to serve as my bleg post for CQ readers to donate what they can to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I want to add a few words to the above post first.

One of the proudest and, ironically, humbling moments as a blogger came at the beginning of the year, after the deadly tsunami killed almost a quarter of a million people throughout Asia. I asked CQ readers to step up and donate what they could to provide relief for the hundreds of thousands of survivors, who had to live through hell while trying to piece their lives and homes together again. I privately hoped to raise $5,000; together, the CQ community donated over $35,000.

This time, we have a different set of circumstances. Instead of our distant cousins of the Indian Ocean, we now watch as our American brothers and sisters suffer through the destruction of perhaps the best-loved hometown in America, New Orleans. The devastation will go on for years. The entire community has disappeared under water -- not just homes, but the businesses that employ the people who live there, the shops that fed and clothed them, the services that give Americans the high standard of living that we enjoy and take for granted.

They have nothing left. It goes beyond homelessness. It goes beyond unemployment. Our brothers and sisters have gone through the looking glass -- and as Americans, we need to step up to bring them back.

Eventually we will rebuild New Orleans. Eventually the jobs, the shops, and the community will return. Right now, we need to extend the American community to the victims of Katrina. I'm supporting that effort through Catholic Charities, but many fine bloggers have sponsored many fine charities, so we have a wide variety of choices. I'm asking CQ readers to choose whichever one suits them best, but remember that we need to get aid to them now, when it's most needed.

As Americans, we bicker about politics, religion, sports, the weather -- pretty darned near everything. We never bicker about stepping up during an emergency to help our brothers and sisters, especially those who find themselves so tragically lost.

Thank you for your kind generosity.

UPDATE II: Pink Flamingos has a first-hand report of the deteriorating situation in the Superdome. The latest word I heard was that they would be moved to the Astrodome in Houston, so this may have already been somewhat superceded by events.

UPDATE III: I've been asked if we can track donations made through CQ to Catholic Charities. It can be done through NZ Bear's Katrina page as a self-reporting function, if you like! Big thanks to the Bear for all his great efforts.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at September 1, 2005 7:30 AM

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