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September 21, 2005
Hillary 'Endorses' Blaming Bush For 9/11 Terrorism

One of the lessons a politician learns is to be careful what she autographs. According to the New York Sun, Hillary "endorsed" a protest placard that blamed George Bush for the 9/11 attacks:

Mrs. Clinton concluded her remarks yesterday by saying, "We are better than this," and lamenting the "disgraceful treatment of the people left behind in the Gulf Coast." While departing the event, she was asked to "endorse" a sign held by a demonstrator blaming President Bush for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Iraq war, and the devastation wrought by Katrina. Mrs. Clinton autographed the poster.

I doubt that Mrs. Clinton did this completely out of oversight, either. While she has made strides in reinventing herself as a Democratc moderate, helped in no small measure by her political party marching over a radical-Left cliff over the past few years, she needs to stay connected to that extremist part of the base in order to retain energy and draw funding for her re-election to the Senate and presidential run. That means she has to appear to buy into some of the looniness coming from the Left, including blaming Bush for the weather and the fact that hurricanes cause damage.

The event at which this occurred only illustrates this more. As oil supplies tighten and our normal resources in the Gulf throw us out of our normal balance, the US needs to start looking at domestic production of crude and especially an expansion of refining capacity, to which the country has not added since the 1970s. Instead, Hillary spent the day literally beating the tom-toms to protest the "diversion" of Hurricane Katrina as a reason to defeat the environmental lobby on ANWR and drilling:

Over the din of beating tom-toms, surrounded by activists wearing antlers and dressed as polar and grizzly bears, Senator Clinton yesterday dismissed high gas prices and the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina as a "diversion," cautioning that proponents of arctic drilling were exploiting recent crises to make their case for a long-term anti-environment agenda. ...

"Some might say, 'Well, senator, we have gas prices going up - don't we need to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge?'" Mrs. Clinton said. "And of course the answer is that we do not. The answer is that that is a diversion. The answer is that we need to break our addiction to foreign oil."

As John Lennon once said, we'd all love to see the plan, Senator. Hillary has had four years in the Senate and her husband had eight years in the White House. Exactly what plan does Hillary have in mind to break that "addiction"? What legislation has Hillary introduced in the Senate to replace oil as the nation's primary energy source? I doubt that she has convinced the Kennedys to allow that windmill farm to obstruct their view, nor do I believe we've seen her ally du jour John Kerry invest the family fortune in hydrogen cell technology.

The only ways at hand to break the addiction to foreign oil are either to produce more oil domestically, or to switch to nuclear power for our electricity needs. George Bush has proposed to do both and has actually introduced legislation to make it happen -- legislation passed by Congress after four years of Democratic obstructionism, an opposition strategy helped in no small part by Hillary Clinton. Perhaps we could take her more seriously if she spent less of her time beating drums and more of it in the Senate, putting some effort where her mouth is.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at September 21, 2005 5:46 AM

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