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October 6, 2005
Can We Remember Who Our Friends Are?

I disagree with Hugh Hewitt to a large degree on the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court. I base my support for Miers on a wish to avoid a destructive party schism that will threaten our hold on one or both houses of Congress next year, a loss which we cannot afford during the war on terror. Realistically speaking, Miers will probably be a disappointment but is unlikely to be another Souter or even a Kennedy. Her defeat does not outweigh coughing up Congress.

Disagreement, however, only goes so far:

"Shill," "toady," "kool-aid drinker," and --yes-- W's "Joe Conason" --the unkindest cut of all-- have all been attributed to me by colleagues on the center-right. Actually, there are even worse descriptions, but I maintain a PG blog. Fine, all around. Let fly, friends, you owe me nothing except your candid opinions. But you might owe the president more.

I disagree with Hugh here as well. Many of us owe Hugh a lot more than our candid opinions, and we damned well know it. He doesn't demand an oath of obedience for the helping hand he's extended to so many of us in the blogosphere, nor should we feel obliged to give one, but at least we should credit Hugh for the integrity he's so often demonstrated. Hugh doesn't shill or toady for anyone.

I think Hugh has unwarranted faith in the purported brilliance of the Miers nomination, and his unrelentingly positive analysis keeps many from resigning themselves to the reality that we will have to live with what essentially is a blunder and a wasted opportunity. But I don't doubt for a moment that the analysis is his honest opinion and represents his true beliefs. Integrity and honesty are among Hugh's enduring qualities, which his friends should remember.

Hugh may well turn out to be dead right, dead wrong, or somewhere in between on Miers, as may I or my friends Michelle Malkin or The Anchoress. However we may disagree, we will remain friends because in the end we trust each other to give our honest opinions and credit each other with having our own minds on issues.

After the Miers kerfuffle has long gone, we will still have each other, people. Let's try to remember that and not burn all our bridges. Let's remember who our friends are.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at October 6, 2005 11:12 PM

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