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June 3, 2006
Broad Strata?

The politically-correct whitewash of the Canadian terror cell has already begun in earnest. The Globe & Mail reports that the RCMP has decided to emphasize the fact that the suspected terrorists came from a "broad strata" of Canadian society:

From an unmarried computer programmer to a university health sciences graduate and the unemployed, the 17 suspects charged in a foiled terrorist plot represent a “broad strata” of Canadian society.

“Some are students, some are employed, some are unemployed,” RCMP assistant Commissioner Mike McDonell said Saturday. ...

Most of the group, who were remanded into custody until their next court appearance on Tuesday, wore street clothes although some appeared in white jump suits.

The majority sported the traditional Muslim male beard. [emphasis mine -- CE]

The RCMP and all of the Canadian government can keep talking about broad strata all day long, but the seventeen have this much in common: they are all Muslim, something that the G&M manages to slyly emphasize in that last line. If the RCMP hopes to jolly Canadian Muslims into feeling comfortable, then their efforts have not paid off:

Alvin Chand, brother of Toronto suspect Steven Vikash Chand, scoffed at the charges outside the courthouse.

“He's not a terrorist, come on, he's a Canadian citizen” Mr. Chand said of his brother. “The people that were arrested are good people. They go to the mosque. They go to school, go to college.”

Aly Hindy, an imam at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in nearby Scarborough, said the centre's mosque had been monitored by security agencies for years. He said Muslims were once again being falsely accused.

“It's not terrorism. It could be some criminal activity with a few guys, that's all,” said Mr. Hindy.

“We are the ones always accused.”

Gee, why does he suppose that might be? Is he prepared to argue that their possession of three tons of ammonium nitrate was meant for a new 4-H club project, perhaps?

The only broad strata at work is the network of multicultural apologists that will attempt to make themselves feel good by ignoring the obvious connection between these suspects, the one that even a child could detect from the list of suspects and their involvement in Islamist websites. That broad strata will go to their deaths rather than admit that radical Islam comprises a threat against Western civilization. Unfortunately, they will take the rest of us with them.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at June 3, 2006 10:27 PM

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