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July 10, 2006
Know Our Enemies

Rusty at My Pet Jawa has the latest in al-Qaeda PR -- a video of the two American soldiers captured and murdered by terrorist thugs in Iraq. Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker fell victim to a sophisticated ambush by AQ operatives, and the Mujahedin Shura Council/AQI organization released the extremely graphic video that starts with Osama bin Laden's picture and shifts to a long overview of their desecrated bodies. The terrorists decaptitated one, and both show obvious signs of torture and mutilation.

CQ readers should conisder whether to follow the link. In truth, I hesitated to do so earlier when I saw the post at Hot Air. In the end, I decided to watch the video as well as see the photographs, because I believe that we need to see who our enemies are in this war. We have shaded our eyes after 9/11 and even before that, allowing network news executives attempt to induce a collective amnesia by refusing to show the heartbreaking aftermath of the attack: people jumping out of windows 100 stories up because they had to choose between burning or falling to death.

This is what terrorists do. They try to suck all of our will to resist them by creating horrible images for us, taunting us with their cruelty and sadism. While we blather about whether Gitmo detainees might be bummed out with their three hots and a cot, Islamofascists butcher people for the fun of it. They do so because they want us to believe that we cannot beat them -- that they are so evil that we cannot hope to compete with them.

That's why I chose to view the video on Rusty' site. We need to show that this butchery does not frighten us but steels our resolve to put a permanent end to such evil. The US has to prove that it will not retreat in the face of savagery, but will beat it with professionalism and unstoppable resolve. If we do not, we will make the same mistake that Bill Clinton did in Somalia and Ronald Reagan did in Beirut.

We mourn the loss of Kristian and Thomas. We also feel rage at the soulless bastards who not only committed these acts but videotaped it as a point of pride. And we know that they can never beat us, because if they could, they wouldn't have to rely on these tactics to get us to quit. We don't run from cowards.

UPDATE: Hot Air has another video, much less gruesome but almost as angering. Now we have Islamists laughing and celebrating the deaths of innocent Londoners -- in Manchester.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at July 10, 2006 9:50 PM

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