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July 15, 2006
Operation Blessed July

Another document released by the FMSO from the captured files of the Iraqi Intelligence Services shows that Uday Hussein, in 1999, ordered a series of bombings and assassinations in London, Iran, and in the autonomous areas of Iraq. Document ISGZ-2004-018948 shows a response from a Saddam Fedayeen operative to Uday himself outlining the plan, known as Operation Blessed July:

In the name of God the most merciful, the most compassionate Respectful Mr. in charge of Fedayeen Saddam

My respects and regards, Sir:

Referral to your Excellency’s orders on the days of 20-25/05/1999, to start planning from now on to perform special operations (assassinations/ bombings) for the centers and the traitor symbols in the fields of (London/ Iran/ Self ruled areas) and for coordination with the Intelligence service to secure deliveries, accommodations, and target guidance. Also, I would like to indicate here (according to the first directed operational plan) the explanations of all the orders and directives that have been issued to us by you during the first and the second meetings with your Excellency which lay the groundwork towards our achieving the goal .

1- Code name of the special operations (Tamooz Mubarak) [Blessed July].
2- The duties will be divided into two branches which are:

A- Bombings
B- Assassinations ...

5- Execution steps

A- Select (50) fedayeen martyrs according to required specifications.
B- Admit them in a seminar at the Intelligence School to prepare them for the required duties.
C- After passing the tests they will be selected for the targets as follows:

First: The first ten will work in the European field (London).
Second: The second ten will be working in the Iranian field.
Third: The third ten will be working in the Self ruled area.

D- After passing the final test the fedayeens will be sent as undercover passengers, each one according to his work site, for the purpose of preparations and to acquire from and coordinate with the Intelligence Apparatus and Mr.’Aiath

6- After completion of what was indicated in (5) above the major and general steps should be prepared for execution and are to be supervised by the respectful Mr. Supervisor [Commander] to determine his remarks.

7- Revisions of the plan, according to the [Supervisor’s] remarks, coordination, and description of the plans will be presented to Intelligence Apparatus Director as follows. ...

9- The study (execution plan) submitted to the respectful Mr. Commander to determine his final comments.

10- Reforming the plan after noticing any revisions or additions that need to be re-written.

11- The final plans, with timing, and the necessary fundamentals for execution, should be written in two copies. One copy for the higher authorities and the other copy to be kept with the working team until the orders are issued.

12- General subjects

A- The ex - order in the Jordanian field is cancelled.
B- The traitors must be followed (movements, residences, activities) at all fields at this time.
C- Discussion of the work possibilities at the Lebanese field.
D- Reminders of the usage of the death capsules (Penephedine) when members are captured at the European fields.
E- Any limitations that will arise… [Incomplete]

[At the bottom left is a hand-written note] The morning is a blessed verse, by the name of merciful God, their appointment is in the morning, and indeed the morning is near.

This clearly shows that the Iraqis intended to use its commandos as terrorists, primarily to attack former regime officials who defected to the West and ex-patriates working towards the overthrow of Saddam's dictatorship. Saddam had a long history of assassination attempts against his political foes; former PM Ayad Allawi almost lost a leg to Saddam's assassins in 1980.

Enough evidence shows that Saddam had plenty of connections to Islamist terrorism. Now we know that Saddam had every intention of using his fanatical commandos to commit terrorist acts abroad, under the direct control of his son Uday.

UPDATE: Thomas Joscelyn wrote about this at the Weekly Standard last March:

What targets did the martyrs plan on bombing? Did the Fedayeen Saddam carry out any of these operations? If so, when and where?

The document does not say. But, interestingly, the "Blessed July" operation appears to have been conceived within a broader mandate for future attacks. The translated document refers to "your Excellency's orders" (probably a reference to Uday) in May 1999 "to start planning from now on to perform special operations (assassinations/bombings) for the centers and the traitor symbols in the fields of (London/Iran/Self ruled areas)." ...

What were Saddam's henchmen doing prior to the war, exactly?

We will never know if we stop asking, and if the US does not continue to release these documents.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at July 15, 2006 8:31 PM

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