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July 26, 2006
If You Though Al-Jazeera Was Nuts Before ....

Earlier today, I linked to an Al-Jazeera editorial that blamed Rick Santorum for speaking out against Islamic fascism, as if the problem came from Santorum's imagination instead of the festering fever-swamps of radical Islam. The editorial by Mohammed Khaku ran yesterday, but today's editorial takes Al-Jazeera from hysteria to paranoia:

Nassrullah spoke through Al-Manar TV, which was also simultaneously aired by several other TV stations. He said that his information now is that the ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon was initially planned to start in September or October, using any excuse to start it at that time.

Nassrullah added that the Hizbullah military operation, which resulted in killing some Israeli soldiers and capturing two of them disrupted the preparation for that war.

Humiliating, as it was, to the Israeli arrogance of power and pretense of invincibility, Israeli leaders started their war prematurely, before completing their preparations, particularly in the aspects of information, weapons, and logistics.

Hassan El-Najjar accepts this argument from Nasrallah without producing a single piece of evidence to support it. Under this fantasy, the Israelis didn't have enough on their plate with the ongoing crisis in Gaza; they wanted to start a two-front war. Nasrallah's unsupported and ludicrous assertion asks the world to take pity on Hezbollah because Israel would have attacked them later had Hezbollah not attacked them earlier to start the war.

Najjar just gets warmed up with this example of poor journalism and thought. He extrapolates Nasrallah's assertion into a grand conspiracy to attack Iran -- and to give George Bush an "October Surprise" that would help Republicans beat Democrats in the mid-term elections. No, really:

For the Bush administration, the September/October planned war would have been a fatal blow to Democrats who are poised to win a majority in Congress due to the rising anger of the American people against the Bush war policies, particularly his unwarranted war and failure in Iraq.

So, the planned Israeli war on Hizbullah was supposed to serve as the Bush October surprise to paralyze American voters and force them to vote for Republicans, who asserted themselves so far as the WAR PARTY.

In deed, without knowing it, Hizbullah has done the American people a great service by thwarting the Bush October surprise.

You got that? Nasrallah wanted to help the infidel Americans by attacking Israel, just so he could deflate the planned Israeli war in October (that would have been unprovoked, of course, because Hezbollah is peaceful).

How long do you suppose before this paranoid conspiracy theory travels through the nutcases at DU?

UPDATE: A Newer World points out that the web site that published this is not the same as Al-Jazeera in Qatar. It's less of an issue on this post than the one on Santorum previously, but I wanted to make sure it gets noted on both. Gaius Arbo at Blue Crab Boulevard also noticed the difference.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at July 26, 2006 10:27 AM

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