August 1, 2006

The Dog Ate ... Something

Sorry for the slow start this morning. Our dog has been sick all night and we just dropped her off at the vet. I'll be back up and running shortly.

UPDATE: Just to explain, we lost one of our dogs, Angel, while I was in the hospital. She was almost 15 years old and had been "losing it" for a few months, so her passing wasn't unexpected. That left us with Cory, the First Mate's retired guide dog, who has never exactly been a canine dynamo of energy, if you know what I mean. She's 12 now and even a bit slower these days, but over the last week she started getting lethargic even for her, and a couple of days ago stopped eating after vomiting a couple of times. We took her to the vet yesterday, where she gobbled up some treats, and everything else looked normal. We bought some medicine and the vet told us to bring her back right away if we had any more trouble.

Unfortunately, last night she got sick again and started wandering aimlessly around the house. I spent most of the night trying to get her to lay down and relax until we could take her to the vet. They're going to keep her today and probably tonight to take some X-rays to see if she has a blockage, which is what we suspect. So now I'm pretty tired out, and thinking that this has been the summer from hell. We've certainly had the heat and humidity to indicate it, along with the series of family crises.

UPDATE II: The blood panel came back with no indications of kidney or liver failure, but with a substantially elevated white-cell count. The vet suspects pancreatitis, which is apparently treatable, and they're starting antibiotics just in case. She's also pretty dehydrated, so they're giving her IV fluids. They can't keep her overnight, so we'll probably bring her home later and take her back tomorrow for more IV fluids if necessary.

I feel silly about this, but she's such a great dog, and I'm hoping she can recover.


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