September 2, 2006

An Evening In The Rain

I decided to take the First Mate out for an evening after finishing the State Fair broadcast this afternoon. We had wanted to see The Devil Wears Prada for a few weeks but hadn't had a chance to catch it yet. The FM read the book (on CD), and with Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci, it looked like a good choice. I'll pass on writing a review -- it's been out for too long -- but it's definitely enjoyable. Streep is deliciously nasty, Tucci is excellent, and Anne Hathaway almost manages to steal the movie from both.

Some have asked for an update on the FM's health. She's improved over the summer, but the BK viral infection has made something of a comeback. She now has to have a weekly IV infusion of a powerful antiviral, and we're hoping that will solve the problem. Until then, we have to wait on any transplant. Her anemia has all but disappeared, though, and her energy level is much improved. My back is healing nicely as well.

We took our son and daughter-in-law out with us to the movie, and afterwards we debated energy policy while standing in a soft rainshower. David studies physics at the U of M and has always had an interest in American energy policy, ever since he and I looked into the use of hydrogen fuel cells for a high-school project years ago. He expressed frustration over our continuing reliance on fossil fuels rather than nuclear power. I asked him to write a paper on the issue, and he agreed to review the scientific implications of our energy policies for CQ readers. Hopefully I'll have something soon to share with you all; he's got some interesting ideas.


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