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October 28, 2006
Michael Steele Corrects The Record

Michael Steele has produced a devastating advertisement in response to the ads flooding Maryland on behalf of Benjamin Cardin featuring Michael J. Fox. Fox claims to support Cardin because Steele opposes stem-cell research. However, Steele actually supports stem cell research, while Cardin voted against the kind of legislation Fox wants to pass. Steele found a spokesperson who will make the hypocrisy clear for Maryland voters -- his sister:

I’m Dr. Monica Turner. Congressman Ben Cardin is attacking Michael Steele with deceptive, tasteless ads. He is using the victim of a terrible disease to frighten people all for his own political gain.

Mr. Cardin should be ashamed.

Here’s something you should know about Michael Steele. He does support stem cell research, and he cares deeply for those who suffer from disease. How do I know? I’m Michael Steele’s little sister. I have MS, and I know he cares about me.

Dr. Turner's ad devastates this flimsy campaign by Cardin and Fox to torpedo Republicans. My own position actually comes closer to Cardin's vote than Steele's position, but Steele has been honest about it. Cardin has not, and his use of Fox amounts to rank hypocrisy.

That hasn't stopped otherwise rational people from trying to carry Cardin's water. The normally exemplary Morton Kondracke put his foot in it during Hugh Hewitt's show yesterday, implying that Steele didn't love his sister (via CQ reader Stoo):

MK: Look, Michael J. Fox, you know, Republicans are saying that Michael J. Fox was used. Michael J. Fox is not used. He’s doing this on his own, and voluntarily. And he knows what he’s getting into. And he did say, more clearly in his Maryland ad than he did in Missouri, that he’s talking about the most promising kind of stem cell research. And believe me, I know a lot of scientists. And they all say that embryonic stem cells are far more potentially useful in fighting disease than adult stem cells. You know, if adult stem cells were truly pluripotent, that is could be turned into any kind of organ in the human body, why would anybody even bother with embryonic stem cells? I mean, it’s not…the scientists of the world are not anxious to go destroy embryos. That’s not what they’re about. They’re trying to cure diseases.

HH: Morton, but again, that’s the debate I don’t want…I want to have a political conversation. What do you think of this little sister ad, this accomplished doctor with MS, the surprise element of it, running in Maryland? I think this devastates Cardin.

MK: I think it’s a very effective ad. If Michael Steele were really so interested in having his sister cured, he would be in favor of all kinds of stem cell research.

FB: Mort!

HH: Morton!

Kondracke apparently didn't realize that Steele in fact does support this kind of research, as long as it doesn't destroy the embryo. It shows the effectiveness of the disinformation campaign that the Democrats have staged against Steele.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at October 28, 2006 11:08 AM

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